We noted when Nuxeo (news, site) released its Case Management Framework last year that, while the case management framework is not exactly new in the world of ECM, it's nice. With this week’s release of v1.7, Nuxeo has added some nifty new abilities into a content management world, where case management is just about essential in many verticals, if not all.

The reason for that is obvious enough and we don’t want to keep harping on about it, but the increasing amount of information going through enterprise content management systems, in addition to an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, is making case management just about indispensible for enterprises that are at risk of big, fat, juicy regulatory writs being dropped on their collective heads.

And certainly, if that’s not the thinking behind the v1.7 of CMF, then it probably won’t mind me pointing out that one of the major improvements, of many improvements with this version, is that it supports the flow and use of diverse, but related content that goes into creating a case file, or container.

Added to this, the content routing feature also accommodates more complex workflows, and as the whole thing is built above Nuxeo’s ECM platform -- an open source ECM at that -- called Nuxeo EP it means that developers of system integrators and content architects can build tailored case management solutions to fit the vertical, or enterprise they are working in.

Nuxeo CMF v1.7/ Case Management

Nuxeo CMF v1.7/ Case Management

Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroc said of the new version:

A framework is the optimal solution for building case management solutions…This type of solution is highly context-sensitive, and when extensive customizations of out-of-the-box applications are involved, often scale and upgrade become costly issues."

CMF v1.7, Agility

And this hits on one of the other major advantages of taking the open source route here. With agile ECM now just about de rigeur for any enterprise whose business environment changes rapidly, many enterprises are looking for equally agile applications that are integrated with those agile ECMs.

Trying to customize one of the lumbering out-of-the-box products that were never really meant for customization is a slow and often expensive task and not responsive to changing business.

With v1.7, Nuxeo says, you get a scalable, flexible platform providing about 80% to 90% of the solution, with an extension point system that makes customization clean and easy -- and remember how important we said scalability is for agile ECM.

New Features, Functionally

But that ignores many of the other improvements, including UI and usability enhancements, better email distribution and capture functionality, as well as features for faceted navigation and content views.

We can’t possibly list all the improvements here (there is extensive documentation on the website), but some of the highlights include:

  • Content Routing: Enables user-designed flows of content and selection from among a shared library of sequential or simultaneous steps that can be reused
  • Mailing: Cases can be sent to predefined user lists
  • Email Capture: New parsers for Gmail and Thunderbird have been added to capture incoming communication and content
  • Content Views: Offers views and configuration of content listings, including documents, search results and log entries.
  • Installation: Wizard and Java-based launcher with embedded shell

And the list goes on. We might also add CMIS support that was added when the original version was released, enabling the access and transfer of cases between different systems and the possibility of building multi-repository case management applications. Nuxeo CMF is available with no license charge by downloading it here.