Nuxeo Embraces Mobile, Social With Version 5.5

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Nuxeo Embraces Mobile, Social with Version 5.5
Nuxeo has announced a new release of its open sourceenterprise CMS platform. The most recent version, 5.5, isa significant enhancement to the platform. Nuxeo continues to show itscommitment to abandoning the traditional application-oriented approach to enterprise CMS in favor of providing a feature-rich platform for building content-centricapplications. Version 5.5 adds social features, mobile enhancements and a numberof technical enhancements that improve developer productivity.

Nuxeo 5.5

Nuxeo has incorporated support for enterprise 2.0-style social interaction in Nuxeo 5.5. The release supports the OpenSocialstandardand provides user- and content-centric collaboration that manyusers have grownaccustomed to via public social networks like Facebookand Google+. The newsocial module integrates enterprise CMS with familiar socialfeatures like workspaces, profiles,activity streams, relationshipcircles and micro-blogging.

Nuxeo Activity Streams

Nuxeo Activity Streams

In addition to social features, Nuxeo Platform 5.5 addssupport fordelivery of content-based applications to Android. Additionalmobileplatforms are planned for 2012. The Android client SDK allows developers to create mobile content applications with client-side storage,authentication,server synchronization and many other features. Themobile SDK also provides anoffline mode, which allows the enterprise CMS to beavailable even when the device is offline.

Several developer-focused enhancements are included in Nuxeo5.5 such as:

  • Hot reloads of the Nuxeo IDE
  • Improved Nuxeo Studio support for Digital Asset andCase Management
  • Easier customization of themes and styles
  • New API operations for content automation
  • Elimination of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

Nuxeo also allows external content storage to Amazon AWS S3.RackSpace and OpenStack support are planned for 2012.

Learning Opportunities

Nuxeo Platform 5.5 is available now in both on-premise and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) versions. Nuxeo also offers annualsubscription-basedsupport via Nuxeo Connect, which providesprofessional support, maintenance andan automated customizationtoolset. Nuxeo Connect is available in multiplesubscription levelsbasic services in the base package to a premium platinum packagewith24/7 support.

What’s Next for Nuxeo

Nuxeo will continue to enhance its enterprise CMS platform throughout 2012.Thecompany released its 2012 roadmap and users can expect substantial new features each quarter.

  • Q1 NuxeoCloud Update: This update will increasethe number of development,deployment and management tools for thecloud. The update will also providemore provisioning capabilities andinfrastructure providers.
  • Q2 NewContent Routing, Local Content Synchronization and iOS SDK:Updates in thesecond quarter will include simpler content routing andworkflow, improved filesystem synchronization with the operatingsystem for Mac and Windows and a newsoftware development kit for iPadand iPhone.
  • Q2 Nuxeo 6.0/5.6: Nuxeo expectsto releaseits next major version in June. The release will be based onEclipse’s Apricotproject, Apache Lucene based search and include afully OSFi-compliant contentrepository. 6.0 will also support Java EE 6and HTML5.
  • Q4 NuxeoPlatform 6.1: December will include another major release for the platform.

Nuxeo includes many elements of professional software deliverythatare frequently absent from open source endeavors like professionalsupportfrom the creator and well-defined delivery schedules. Evenorganizations thathave traditionally avoided open source software might consider taking a lookat what Nuxeo offers.