Last month that Nuxeo released v5.6 and with it a new content routing feature. Well later this week we’ll be able to get a whole lot more information about the upgrade, and new feature, as Nuxeo World kicks off this Thursday in Paris.

Unlike like previous years, Nuxeo World's two day event will be divided into two different sets of presentations with Day One dedicated to different elements around Nuexo itself, and Day Two given over to workshops on configuring Nuxeo, or extending Nuxeo’s platform.

According to the publicity around the event, Nuxeo has introduced the workshops in response to user demand for practical hands-on experience with the Nuxeo platform.

Nuxeo v5.6 Content Routing

And again, with v5.6 just out, it's probably not a bad idea, especially for those that have yet to see the content routing at work -- content routing being an adaptive workflow engine with a high level of flexibility for both end users and application developers.

This is particularly true given the level of interest that has been demonstrated by users in the US. Nuxeo entered the US market in 2009, and has been on a steady growth curve since it did.

However, it also says that interest in its open source enterprise content management platform spiked around the time of the release which, it says, is the result of increasing interest in the ability to customize the platform, as well as, of course, exposure to a wider market place.

In fact, interest in the Nuxeo portfolio has grown to such a degree that in September, Nuxeo says, that there has been a 40% increase in new accounts for Nuxeo Studio compared to the same period in 2011.

Nuxeo World

On Thursday we’ll let you know as we’ll be there to cover the proceedings. Other items of interest that we will also take a look at are:

  • A review of progress over the past year
  • Nuexo’s roadmap
  • CEO's Keynote
  • Continuous integration
  • UI Frameworks
  • Content Routing
  • Support Nuxeo/Performance/Linguistique

However, the star of the show is going to be v5.6 so we’ll be bring you a lot more information on that, even if the promised free tee-shirts overshadow it!