NuxeoWorld 2012: A Year in Review, v5.6 Release Is Key #NxW12

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There has been anecdotal evidence across the industry about the growth of Nuxeo in Europe since it opened its doors in 2000, and more recently in the US where it set up in 2009. As with many companies it’s hard to nail this down with figures -- but the opening address by Nuxeo CEO Eric Barroca at this week's Nuxeo World 2012 in Paris gave us some idea of what's happening behind the scenes.

Nuxeo in 2012

Exact figures weren't given, but Barroca did indicate that in the last year alone, the number of users in the US has tripled since 2010 (users had doubled in number between 2009 and 2010).

In fact, interest in the Nuxeo portfolio has grown to such a degree that bySeptember of this year, the company had recordeda 40% increase in new accounts ofNuxeo Studio compared to the same period in 2011.

Barroca attributes this to the release of Nuxeo v5.6, which he describes as was one of the highlights of the year. With it, there was a huge spike in the number of users signed up, resulting in a small delay in providing customer support.

There is a tiny gap, Barroca, said between the time it takes to get a request to the time it takes to deal with it, but he said they are getting to everyone as quickly as possible to make no difference to businesses using the platform.

Nuxeo Content Management

For those working with larger vendors this time frame probably seems miraculous, given the number of horror stories floating around about some not-to-be-named companies. It appears to be the responsiveness at this level -- combined with the responsiveness of the platform -- that has resulted in the number of customer wins over the past year. At least, that’s what Barroca says.

It’s a vendor conference, so there was always going to be at least some talk around vendor wins. While we try to avoid going into this in any detailed way, some of them are worth noting, just in terms of the problems that Nuxeo was asked to resolve.

The starting point for all this, Barroca says, is that Nuxeo is a full stack platform for building applications, from document management to digital asset management to case management, to purpose-built content applications.

On that basis, Nuxeo was used by Generali to resolve collaboration issues between its sites worldwide; it was used by NetFlix to develop content collaboration processes for managing media assets. Nuxeo also worked with the Michelin guides and the Netherlands Forensics Institute to solve other kinds of problems.

However -- and perhaps indicative of where Enterprise CMS is heading -- one of the problems it was asked to resolve over the year was the syncing and management of content for 200,000 iPads for Boeing pilots around the world enabling them to access targeted content as they need it.

Learning Opportunities

This is clear evidence of where the content management industry is going: while most vendors will continue to build and develop their platforms for on-premises deployments, most, if not all, are going to have to deal with content and platforms as workforces go mobile.

Nuxeo v5.6 Features

Nuxeo has managed to adapt to the mobile workforce environment by developing components. According to Barroca, the Nuxeo platform consists of more than 500 components from which users can pick and choose, according to their needs.

There are also 200 different code repositories and 60 add-ons, all of which have been highly tested, enabling customers to respond to constantly changing business needs. However, even with all this, in the move from v5.5 to 5.6 there have been no API code changes. Some of the features that Barroca mentions as being core in the new release are:

  • New integrated workflow engine specifically designed for case management applications and leveraging the platform services for views, forms, business logic and APIs.
  • Visual Page Designer for visual screen building.
  • Improved collaboration abilities including the new Wall for collaborating with other people, as well as a Like/Vote functionality for objects.
  • Visual Dif for content objects, enabling users to visualize changes to objects or even metadata.
  • Document templating not for pages but for documents.
  • Domain-based multitenancy built into the platform, that enables the management of many tenants with minor config differences.

There is a whole lot more to this, but the content routing is pretty special and we will be looking at this more closely -- this year's conference includes an entire seminar to the topic.

Barroca didn’t really say too much about the future -- just enough to keep interest keen. Currently Nuxeo is working on new UI features: Nuxeo Cloud Controller for cloud apps and solution providers, Nuxeo Drive for content sync and editing that is fully integrated, Mobile Framework to serve mobile users by making them available on all devices. The company is also developing its tooling functions.

The timeline for the release of these features hasn’t been made available yet, but we will also be looking at the Nuxeo roadmap as the conference progresses, so stay tuned.

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