OneSource Buys SalesQuest Home of CRUSH Sales Intelligence

These days, data is the fuel that drives sales and marketing. Two major providers of sales-related data — OneSource Information Services and SalesQuest —  are becoming one company, with the former buying the latter.

SalesQuest’s best-known products are the CRUSH Reports, deep dive account intelligence profiles on the Fortune 1000s and the Global 500s. A OneSource spokesperson tells CMSWire that this acquisition marks the beginning of a series of industry verticals the company plans to offer.

Access to Data

OneSource expects SalesQuest's data products to provide sales professionals with “access to unmatched data," including contact information for IT decision makers, organizational charts, IT systems landscapes, insight into major initiatives, projects and relevant company news. Terms of the acquisition were not made public.

The CRUSH Report and the database's detailed company information also include CIO profiles, case studies and contact info for key decision makers. SalesQuest also offers alerts, industry reports and profiles of other executives.

OneSource’s products include iSell, which provides reps with information on who to call, when to call and what to say. The data, delivered by the OneSource LiveContent platform, includes prospect information and sales triggers, and are integrated into a sales rep’s CRM.

Its Global Business Browser is used by business analysts, business development staff, insurance actuaries, procurement staff and others who need to research businesses. A Data Solutions service provides custom offerings, such as specialized mailing lists, data cleansing or integration from the OneSource LiveContent platform into proprietary applications.

Deeper Information

Jonathan Flatow, OneSource CEO, told CMSWire that OneSource’s focus on IT will provide the basis for his company’s first industry vertical. He added that his clients “have consistently asked for deeper information about IT infrastructure, strategic plans and organizational charts” in IT and elsewhere. SalesQuest’s products “provide that level of detail,” he said.

While the SalesQuest data will be integrated with OneSource’s, Flatow said “the plan is to keep the CRUSH Report” as a standalone product for the time being. In the other direction, he said OneSource can bring to the CRUSH Report and other SalesQuest products the tools it has for sifting both structured and unstructured data from more than 70 data sources.

Title image by kentoh (Shutterstock).