OpenText Pairs With ConceptShare for Digital Review, Buys Messaging Vendor EasyLink
OpenText has been busy this week. Leaving aside the US$ 233 millionEasyLink buy, it has also announced a partnership with ConceptShare that will make it easier for business users to collaborate, annote and mark up creative work across awhile bunch of assets from documents to images to time-based video and web pages.

OpenText Media Management, along with ConceptShare, enables an enterprise to produce, use and publish digital media after having reviewed and approved them.The partnership, through OpenText Media Management, will also enable users to track feedback, change requests and approval status.

That the two companies have come together to provide easier creative review, collaboration and workflow is no surprise, really, as ConceptShare and the OpenText Media Management product do fit in together nicely.

What is ConceptShare?

ConceptShare, which was founded in 2006, has built up a visual collaboration platform that scales to any size in terms of workflow, size of project or industry.

With it, enterprises can eliminate traditional feedback mechanisms across enterprises such as email, blogs or even web conferencing. The idea here is not to replace any of these much-loved tools, but to add something into the equation.

That something is software that offers simple markup tools -- as simple as pointer, pen, crop and highlighter -- that allows collaborators to visually review print, web and video assets.

It’s important to note that this is not just document markup and that it also works on video and other visual representations, too.

Learning Opportunities

ConceptShare With OpenText

By partnering with OpenText Media Media Management, then, the ConceptShare integration will also enable collaboration for both internal and external users as a creative project is developed. It also ensures that all actions from feedback to change requests to approvals are saved, including reviewer actions, along with a history of those actions.

All annotations, change requests and approvals gathered after a review cycle is completed are stored as metadata and can be used for auditing, metrics, and reporting purposes.

By partnering with ConceptShare, a creative review technology leader, OpenText Media Management users gain sophisticated functionality within a familiar platform. We’re allowing multiple users to interact remotely, drive to approval on creative materials and gain additional productivity from our leading digital asset management platform,” said Vinit, Doshi, CEM VP at Open Text.

OpenText Buys EasyLink

But this is not all OpenText has been doing this week. It also announced the acquisition of EasyLink for a purchase price of approximately US$ 310 million.

Easylink is a cloud-based secure information exchange vendor and should offer OpenText deeper footprints in the cloud and mobile space. There are few enough details on the deal and where it will go, but OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea says the company sees strong opportunities for customers, partners, employees and product roadmap. What he means by this is not clear, but more on this later as it happens.

The transaction is expected to close by mid-to-late summer 2012, subject to Easy Link’s stockholder approval, certain regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.