It seems that OpenText has moved up a gear this month with four different upgrades or releases on the way. Today it has announced the release of BPM Smart Process Applications and OpenText  SecureiX , while tomorrow we will see OpenText InfoFusion and OpenText Archive.

Why OpenText should launch all four in the same week is not known, but it does send out a very positive message to clients and investors that this is a company with real drive and a vision of where it wants to go.

And no, the above is not a line from the marketing blurb around the releases, but observation around the releases and the fact that combined they raise the profile of OpenText even higher in the enterprise information management space.

OpenText BPM Releases

But let’s take a quick look at today’s releases. BPM Smart Process Applications are designed to accelerate an organization’s ability to deliver quick wins from business process management (BPM) investments.

The second release -- OpenText SecureiX -- is OpenText’s newest cloud services offering and enables organizations to exchange messages and information in a trusted, integrated and collaborative cloud environment.

The BPM Applications release should not really come as a surprise. OpenText has been working in the BPM space for a long time and this release is offering enterprises the ability to better manage their process-based operations and enterprise information.

Citing Andrew Bartels of Forrester Research, OpenText says that this release is about providing a solution to the problem of messy and unpredictable processes that emerge as a result of social and collaborative business activities.

What are needed are ‘smart’ applications that can manage and adapt to a quickly changing enterprise process landscape, which is where this release comes in, OpenText says.

OpenText BPM Smart Process Applications

The new Smart Process Applications are built form OpenText’s existing process and case management solutions integrated with Content Server, Capture Center, StreamServe and others.

Supporting common horizontal and vertical processes used across the entire business spectrum, OpenText says that it can be up and running in as little as 30 days.

OpenText Smart Process Applications include:

  • Assure for Customer Service: Provides prescriptive response paths, performance reporting, multi-system integration and customer service interactions.
  • Assure for Human Resources: Support for common practices like recruitment and on-boarding that delivers self-service to employees.
  • Client Management for Insurance: Offers 360° views of client interactions, cases, processes.

The result is that users get out-of-the-box, process-specific building blocks that enable organizations to design and deliver successful applications in 30 days. It also offers better visibility into content siloes and siloed applications, providing users with a comprehensive, real-time and historical overview of structured and unstructured process operations.

OpenText Smart Process Applications are available as of today from OpenText as cloud-based solutions with support for mobile devices.

OpenText SecureiX

But the applications are not the only release from OpenText today. It has also released SecureiX, a new Cloud Service offering that enables easy exchange of messages and information in a trusted, integrated and collaborative cloud environment.

The idea is to allow users to exchange any information on any device and in any format and to exchange that information securely.

According to OpenText, SecureiX establishes a secure, two-way communication stream between two devices and exchanges messages and large files inside or outside the firewall.

As a cloud-based application it requires no training and reduces costs not just by reducing the time IT has to spend on it, but also because it moves complex and heavy information exchange infrastructure off premises. During file transfer and information exchanges, data is encrypted at all times -- both inside and outside the enterprise -- while collaboration via threaded messages that include file uploads enable users to connect.

This release is also available as of today. More from OpenText tomorrow.