OpenText Tempo General Release and Express Edition Offer File Sharing, Content Sync

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Last November OpenText announced that it was releasing Tempo, a solution that promised to make document sharing quicker and mobile, while synchronizing data across computers and devices. That is now on general release and was also accompanied by the release of a new Tempo Express Edition.

File Sharing, Content Sync

According to OpenText, both editions offer consumer-oriented document sharing cloud services coupled with rigorous records management designed to keep even the most compliant-happy enterprise satisfied.

Both also simplify the sharing of information stored in repositories either on-premise, or as a mobile option.

Secure publishing, sharing and syncing information across multiple devices is clearly resonating with users, hence the emergence of cloud-based services on the consumer side. For enterprises, however, the consumer cloud is just another way for information to get lost or into the wrong hands…Tempo combines consumer-level usability with enterprise-level reliability and security. It will fundamentally change the tempo of how information is used, shared and stored by enterprise users,” Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer of OpenText, said.

Content Control

With both editions, users keep control over their content, with the experience and functionality similar to file sharing services with desktop integration.

For the user, the advantage is that, while the user experience doesn’t change, all content is actually being stored behind the corporate firewall with an audit trail, versioning and permission control.

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New Express Edition

We already saw OpenText Content Server Edition in November when it was first announced, and which brought file sharing functionality to companies that are already currently using or investing in the OpenText enterprise CMS, and works with existing content applications and user interfaces.

Learning Opportunities

For those that don’t have the enterprise CMS, there is the Express Edition. This provides a self-contained Tempo environment that can be used alone or alongside other content repositories.

The result is a solution that offers companies document sharing that is fast, simple and out-of-the box, but which still gives users control of where the content is stored, along with an advanced content management feature set. Features of both editions include:

  • Sharing with internal and external users with transparent integration from user desktops
  • Content synchronization across any number of devices and computers
  • Easy file management through a Web interface that enables permission settings and file sharing.

Enterprises can choose to deploy OpenText Tempo on-premise or adopt the hybrid model. The hybrid approach allows the enterprise to retain control over information assets, while offloading the effort of maintaining the service to OpenText.

OpenText Tempo Content Server Edition is available now. OpenText Tempo Express Edition will be available later this month.