OpenText Unveils New Process Management Suite

Two things really stand out about OpenText’s Process Suite. The first is that it reduces deployment times for business process management (BPM) and case automation technology to as little as three months from 18 months. Secondly, it continues the ongoing roll-out of OpenText’s Project Red Oxygen.

The new Process Suite, which has just been made available, provides organizations with a way of simplifying the building of new processes around business-critical applications like enterprise content management or customer engagement software.

Business Agility

OpenText says that Suite optimizes operational processes. It does this, it says, by providing pre-built, packaged applications that drastically reduce the time spent designing and deploying solutions for process management.

Process Suite simplifies what has traditionally been a complicated process, and decreases development times from nine to 18 months down to three to six months; It provides the agility necessary to design, develop and deploy rich automation and case management applications quickly, and makes it easier users understand, purchase and deploy their own solutions,” Muhi Majzoub, senior vice president of engineering at OpenText said.

The business problem that OpenText says it is tackling with this is the timeliness of deployments and how extended deployment periods respond to rapidly changing market places.

With traditional BPM deployments taking up to 18-months to complete, what organizations need to ask themselves is whether the solution that is finally deployed actually meets the needs of the business users 18 months after the project was initially conceived and started.

With markets changing the way they are there is a reasonable chance that the answer is no. If those same organizations are not prepared to deploy cloud-based solutions, then they are presented with a dilemma - -deploy BPM and bite the bullet around deployment times, or not deploy and miss out on the advantages that BPM technologies offers.

The Process Suite responds to this with a number of applications that should slash deployment times. It comes with:

  • OpenText Cordys 10.5: Combines process and case management in one system making process automation easier
  • BPM Everywhere: Easy communication for knowledge workers though a social user interface on any device
  • Process Component Library: Pulls together and assembles applications from a library of case management and service delivery components shortening time-to-use
  • AppWorks Gateway: Enables integration with OpenText’s EIL portfolio using RESTful API’s

In keeping with the agile focus of Process Suite organizations have the choice of on-premise, SaaS, PaaS or hybrid development solutions.

OpenText Red Oxygen

It also ties in with Project Red Oxygen, which was launched at Enterprise World in November. Project Red Oxygen aims to pull five of OpenText’s integrated product suites closer together.

While OpenText argued that doing so would give enterprises a competitive edge, it really means is that they won’t have to look further than OpenText to meet their enterprise IT needs.

Combined , the five suites offer a unified developer platform, a consistent user experience, deep integration across suites and major new functional enhancements to enable CIOs to partner with lines of business for product or business development.

The five suites in question include Content, Process, Experience, Information and Discovery. It also involves the use of AppWorks, a new unified development platform that provides a secure gateway for developers to create, deploy and manage applications that use OpenText services from any platform.

With the Process Suite, OpenText has delivered on one of the main elements in the Red Oxygen project as well as demonstrating the exact role of AppWorks in the overall strategy.

In keeping with this strategy, OpenText is also providing a number of add-ons to deal with a number of specific needs including analytics and data visualization, business architecture analysis, and data capture to turn paper into machine-readable information. The new Process Suite is available in English as of now, but other languages will follow soon.