What large company doesn't need to make itself more efficient? However businesses define that term, and no matter what sector they are in, companies like Oracle are working to make their business decision management more unified and standardized.

Business Process Management Suite Update

Automation is the name of the game, and all businesses have routine, day to day tasks that need to be completed, managed and tracked. That's what the Oracle's of the world promise to their customers. Oracle aims to make those repeatable, every day business decisions and tasks (or processes) more routine and standardized with what it calls its Business Process Management Suite.

In 2013, companies aren't buying and selling things in new ways, but pretty much every other sector of the business world is being disrupted by mobile and social technology. That means all those repeatable tasks that so many workers and executives have gotten used to are now in flux, and new ways of working (processing information) are wending their way into every department.

Oracle Business Process Management Suite

Oracle's BPM helps to automate things like analysis or social task management.

Oracle has updated its BPM Suite to include a larger swath of business process types that many businesses have in common. Things like travel approval, HR processes and supply management, for example, tend to be similar across industries, so Oracle takes the liberty of packaging these processes into one program.

Oracle calls them Process Accelerators, and the company has been rolling out new ones periodically as it identifies the type of workflow needed for end to end types of business decision making. Specifically, Oracle has added Process Accelerators for financial services loan origination, business account opening, public sector incident reporting and employee on boarding.

Business Process Composer + Adaptive Case Management

Included in the BPM update are updates to components like the Business Process Composer, a Web based tool that allows managers to create and customize business processes. Oracle has enhanced its Process Player, and it allows business analysts to validate, test and playback the business process identically to the end user, ensuring that its design meets the business and customer needs.

Additionally, Oracle has added support for Adaptive Case Management to help manage less structured processes. This sounds like it is the answer for those less common processes that are unique to certain industries or businesses. After all, businesses are still built around people, and not every decision or process is going to fit into a predefined mold, even if it is one built by Oracle.