What, the good ol' TIP, test in production, methodology isn’t good enough anymore? Apparently not. QMetry, provider of test case management solutions, and open source business intelligence platform provider Jaspersoft (news, site) announced integration of JasperReports Server Professional into the testing platform. The combined solution will allow organizations to actually see if developers are really “almost done” with that last round of code changes.

Why JasperSoft to Bring BI to Test Management?

QMetry prides itself on providing an intuitive end-to-end test management solution that makes QA teams more efficient, and understands that access to reporting is a critical element. How do you know what’s broken, what’s working and how fast the team is progressing on delivery of expected features if you aren’t tracking data? Unless you have a magic wand or a super power, you don’t.

It’s kind of a big deal.

Despite the importance of the features, JasperSoft wasn’t the only analytics provider that caught QMetry’s eye. Despite the reporting provider’s popularity -- more than 13 million product downloads worldwide, 160,000 production deployments and over 14,000 commercial customers in 100 countries and 200,000 registered members -- JasperSoft had to win QMetry’s affection before the two combined into one happy package.

The QMetry’s team preferred an open source, Java-based reporting solution to complement its own LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python) technology stack and narrowed candidates to JasperSoft and Pentaho (news, site). Each vendor provided well-established, attractive reporting solutions that QMetry evaluated based on:

  • overall capabilities
  • ease of report definition
  • architectural support for lose coupling (allows QMetry to move to another reporting provider later if necessary)

and eventually decided Jaspersoft was a better fit. JasperSoft supports a diverse set of output formats including HTML, PDF, Excel and CSV and exposed its core functionality via web services. This substantially reduced the integration effort for QMetry to integrate JasperSoft into the product. Well played JasperSoft, well played.

What Does JasperSoft Plus QMetry Offer?

The enhanced reporting of the combined solution allows users to monitor the progress, volume, status and effectiveness of all testing activities. Out-of-of the box, the QMetry and JasperSoft integration includes about 25 standard reports, which users request from the testing platform, but are actually generated in JasperSoft. Most reports support parameters, giving users some level of customization when generating reports; more in-depth customization is possible with custom report development.



Advanced reporting

Additional features that might be attractive to organizations that have made an investment in actively managing the testing process is the ability to access test metrics outside of the testing platform --useful for providing details to management -- and the ability to deploy new testing reports without modifications to the testing platform.

The integrated reporting solution is available now from QMetry. The company will be focusing on delivering ad hoc reporting in the next release.