Recommind Extends Mobile, Collaborative Email Management
New devices, new problems. If you haven’t guessed, we’re talking mobile devices and problems with the management of enterprise content that having a scattered workforce involves. Add to that all the unstructured data that comes in through email, and you’ve got double trouble. Recommind (news, site) is offering a solution to this with the v3.6 release of its Decisiv Email software.

Mobility, Collaboration

Even a year ago, you might have got away with talking about email management without having to broach the subjects of mobility, or collaboration, but not anymore. As a result, this release of Decisiv focuses on combining those two sets of functionality and offering a way to manage email collaboratively while mobile.

If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. But it’s a logical step for Recommind, by virtue of the fact that it had the technologies that are the focus of this release already in operation with other, or earlier products.

In particular, it extends its Predictiv Filing technology to mobile devices as well as deepening the integration with Microsoft Office and Exchange.

A look at its Decisiv File technology -- part of its email management package -- and you understand the value of this as a mobile application. Decisiv offers:

  • Automation, categorization and filing of email information
  • Efficient storage of email 
  • Easy-to-use-functionality for finding and retrieving files

In addition to this, it makes all email-based information available in one secure and scalable folder architecture.

Built for managing email-based content, and powered by the same CORE (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine) platform as Recommind's Decisiv Search and Axcelerate eDiscovery software, Decisiv Email offers an automated approach to email filing and access.

Recommind mobile messages

Recommind mobile messages

The ease of use comes through an enhanced Outlook interface that the majority of mobile users will be familiar with from their enterprise operations.

A final word on this goes to collaborative email management: When a message is stored, it is done so in such a way so as to enable everyone else access to it if necessary -- presumably, that is, to those who have access permissions.

Decisiv Email v3.6

At a glance, the new features include:

  • Filing of email from iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry
  • New client mobile interface for access to Decisiv Email content
  • Integration and support for Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010
  • Outlook folders sync with Decisiv Email folders

While the addition and extension of an effective email management system to mobile devices is a great idea in principle, and the software undoubtedly does what it says it does. The only thing that needs to be done is to persuade employees that email filing and storage is good for everyone. There is enough evidence about to suggest a lot of people are still storing email on their desktop, so there is no reason to assume on mobiles it will be any different.

Recommind mobile email

Recommind mobile email

That’s not Recommind's problem though; Recommind has done what its clients are looking for it to do. Information management is a corporate problem and -- at the risk of sounding like a gramophone -- needs a lot of attention.