TeamLab (news, site) now offers its collaboration suite for rapid deployment, allowing users to host it with Amazon's EC2.

Effective Project Management on a Budget

TeamLab is a Latvia-based firm with a recently launched Enterprise 2.0 smart project management suite that is now available via Amazon's cloud. You can also run it on TeamLab's service or download, run and modify your own version. We covered the open source collaboration suite back in the summer which was released as open source and is now available via Amazon.

Deploying TeamLab via a cloud image with Amazon EC2 takes only 15 minutes (see video below). All you need is an Amazon account. With an account, you can start a corporate portal, and launch the TeamLab cloud image.

Amazon offers 99.99% up-time in addition to the usual benefits of control and flexibility. TeamLab reckons the hosting costs with Amazon would be around US$ 60 a month, much cheaper than getting your own server. If your company needs more space or power you have the option to rent more of both from Amazon.  

Learning Opportunities

Multilingual, Multifaceted Support 

Since the launch of TeamLab, the developers have added more multilingual support that includes Spanish, German and French Translation. There is also a data backup and restore facility for those who are running their own versions of the portal.

Teamlab works in a friendly and intuitive way that invites people to the app to create accounts, projects and tasks. The work is then divided. There is chat, forums, polls and dashboards to keep an overview of progress.