You may know SailPoint for its ability to let companies manage their activity in the cloud. Now the identity management solutions provider is responding the complexity of cloud adoption with the release of SailPoint AccessIQ.

Cloud Access + Governance

SailPoint AccessIQ seamlessly integrates cloud access management with identity governance and automated provisioning. By providing convenient, easy-to-use services from a single sign-on (SSO) and a self-service access request to cloud applications that are managed within the same identity governance framework used for on-premises applications, AccessIQ allows enterprises to immediately take advantage of convenient cloud access services coupled with improved visibility and oversight over their usage.

Why is this necessary? Because the consumerization of IT has changed business user expectations considerably. In fact, among Gartner's predictions for 2012 it was reported that 35 percent of all IT expenditures will originate outside of IT by 2015, and that 50 percent of companies will have mission-critical data in the cloud by 2016. Yes, cloud computing is convenient, but it isn’t always secure.

Agility Meets Convenience

With AccessIQ business users can have the agility and convenience they want, while giving IT the visibility and control that is essential to effectively managing IT risk. To extend governance to applications outside the control of IT, AccessIQ provides:

  • Full visibility of user sign-on activity and account usage: this makes it easy to manage all the different SaaS applications acquired by employees as part of an enterprise-wide identity governance strategy.
  • A flexible, risk-based approach to cloud application identities: this makes it possible for IT organizations to tailor how they manage and control those applications without locking down the environment and getting in the way of the business.
  • Full audit reporting on application usage: this provides information about “who has access to what” which can help maintain compliance and control monthly subscription expenses by promptly “deprovisioning” unused or unauthorized cloud application accounts.

SailPoint AccessIQ is a fully hosted, multi-tenant solution that seamlessly and securely integrates with SailPoint IdentityIQ and is slated to be available in Q3 2012 with per-user subscription-based pricing.