In response to the growing demand for secure, remote access to enterprise data, SAP has just announced the release of the SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16 suite on its Real-Time Data Platform, offering enterprises the possibly of extending business transactions to remote locations.

Remote Data Access

What this actually means is that it offers enterprises the possibility of developing and deploying database-powered applications that can then be embedded in SaaS, remote and mobile environments.

The result is a solution that deals with the problem of the management of data that is generated in remote environments. It solves this issue by the application of automatic data management and data synchronization across all enterprise applications, pulling data from everywhere and dragging it into the SAP Real-Time Data Platform.

This comes with key improvements such as expanded query optimization for faster response times, making access to data from mobile devices a lot quicker and more secure, as well as offering the possibility of working in tangent with other solutions like HANA.

Ultimately the goal is to provide data management for server, desktop, embedded and mobile applications as reliable and secure as the applications that run in data centers in traditional enterprises, said Irfan Khan, database CTO at SAP.

Enhancements in the new version include:

  • 24x7 surveillance: Continuous database monitoring and elasticity improvements as well as on-the-fly server processor and non-blocking capabilities.
  • Security: New role-based security operations with better control and granularity of privileged users operations.
  • Performance: Expanded options for query optimization.
  • Data synchronization: Bi-directional sync of SAP HANA for mobile users as well as new tools for synchronization with intuitive set up and easy deployment wizards.

Sybase Replication Server Upgrade

In related news, SAP has also announced a new version of the Sybase Replication Server, a core component of the Real-Time Data Platform.

The new upgrade will provide secure and reliable data transfer across the enterprise and will cover data from all kinds of different data sources such as business intelligence, disaster recovery and other mission-critical applications.

SAP says this is a response to the growing volumes of data transactions and the need to make business decisions based on that data using all kinds of new enterprise applications.

With the new Replication Server enterprises can do this no matter where they are or where the data is needed.