SAP: No 'Massive Layoffs' Planned for Workforce

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An SAP spokesperson told CMSWire reports of "massive layoffs" are "simply not a fact" and that the 67,000-employee global software giant will have more employees by the end of 2014 than it does now.

"We are adding jobs in 2014," SAP's Andy Kendzie told CMSWire this afternoon. 

Tweets and news about a SAP workforce reduction swept the web today.

Ray Wang, an analyst for Constellation Research, stood by his tweet when contacted by CMSWire.

"We heard in the 1,000s," Wang said of a SAP workforce reduction. "It could be 1,000 or more. You can define what massive is."

Learning Opportunities

Kendzie told CMSWire in a phone interview that Walldorf, Germany-based SAP is currently "trying to drive innovation and resources toward the cloud" and has not made any cuts at the moment.

"This is simply SAP investing and creating job opportunities within SAP that drives toward the delivery of the cloud," Kendzie added. "... Massive layoffs are simply not a fact."

Kendzie referred to SAP's workforce actions as "rebalancing and shifting our portfolio."

"I can't say there are cuts," Kendzie said. "We're looking at actions."