When we think about global information management (GIM), it’s important that the right information gets translated into the right languages so it can be made available to the right people.

SDL Language Weaver, who just launched a new GIM product called SDL BeGlobal, knows these principles.

We spoke with Swamy Viswanathan, vice president of products & marketing at SDL, to learn more about how by effectively managing global information, companies can better engage with their customers.

Utility vs. Quality

A single organization generates many different types of content. Some of it is designed to be influential, while some of it is meant to be functional. Being able to sort and classify content according to its usefulness and quality, organizations can begin to understand what is appropriate for fully automated translation and what is best suited for human translation.

Companies need to publish content with confidence, but most don’t know it their content is being translated well.

With BeGlobal, automated translations are given an SDL Trust Score, which evaluates that quality of the translation. Additionally, BeGlobal learns as it translates, incorporating more words, different dialects and better translations into its library.

Translation as a CMS Issue

As long as companies have content and a global audience, translation should not be managed as a separate entity, but as an integrated solution with a Web CMS or Enterprise CMS.

Deemed first cloud platform for real-time automated translation, SDL BeGlobal allows organizations to scale its volume of content as well as its number of users.

SDL BeGlobal.png

With a desktop-like interface, users can open multiple windows through an action-based navigation to create touch points. Users can specify behaviors or functions to fulfill certain language translations.

As translation applications become more accessible, users have a variety of platforms from which to choose. However, SDL sets itself apart by providing a solution that learns as companies grow and expand their customer experience globally. With built-in access to analytics and reporting, users can manage quality and content, based on real time customer feedback, which is compared against the Trust Score generated by SDL.

SDL BeGlobal helps marketing managers and those in charge of customer care to be more global in their approach to engage and monitor customer experiences, while maintaining the quality of the translations they employ.