A good presentation can make a sale -- but keeping current with the most-up-to-date facts, figures and approvals is the challenge. The cloud-based, real-time content platform Seismic is designed to help solve that staying-current problem, and this week's update brings a new UI, more configurability, new libraries and team sites. 

The three-year-old company notes that a typical use case for its service could be a financial advisor immediately updating a document, presentation or other business material while sitting with a client. The idea is that cloud-accessed materials can draw on current data feeds or the most recent files, and can lessen compliance issues for such industries as finance.

Customization, Updated Library

The service’s LiveDoc platform pulls real-time data from such sources as CRM, MorningStar or S&P, and accesses a cloud-based library of business materials, to generate the needed document or presentation in commonly available file formats, such as PDFs, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

iPad LiveForm2.png

A Seismic "live form" for adding content to the iPad app.

The new release, available now as an automatic update, allows users to integrate video or to customize the look of the presentation with a company logo or color scheme. The updated interface provides What’s New, Popular and News sections for quickly finding the latest or most popular documents, and the Table of Contents in a presentation is now hyperlinked to allow direct access to sections.

A new library offers filters for sifting by presentation type or search terms, and Team Sites enable groups of colleagues to organize their own material and control access to their content by other teams. This launch follows the company's US$ 4.5 million funding round in August, followed by its Salesforce integration

Offline Saving

Seismic CEO Doug Winter told CMSWire that the new version also adds capabilities for offline saving of the company’s LiveDoc format. He said that the company had delayed that capability until it could “add quite a bit of infrastructure to allow storage,” in order to solve the security concerns that customer businesses would have. Now LiveDocs and related data are encrypted in case the device is lost.

He also pointed out that the new release improves analytics, showing “what’s being used, by whom and what’s popular,” so that, for example, a marketing department can see how many and which customers see a specific graphic, or a compliance officer can track what information has been made available to which financial customers.

Winter compared Seismic’s position to document-sharing cloud services like Box, but added that Seismic is coming at the enterprise content management from a different viewpoint -- that of “selecting the right data and the right content,” instead of simply sharing any content.