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From the Seismic Web site

The information in the Salesforce platform is used on a daily basis by marketers and salespeople. This week, content creation vendor Seismic announced its app for Salesforce, so this much-requested information can be readily employed to generate brand approved reports, presentations and other useful material. 

CEO and co-founder Doug Winter said in a statement that this application, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, is a "key development for many of our customers who rely on daily to track and manage crucial sales data."

Seismic, founded in 2010, focuses on a common need among fast-moving businesses -- keeping documents up-to-date with the most recently available financial information, press release wording, exec team bios, sales decks and other brand assets.

Keeping Up to Date

Its cloud-based platform enables users to create content that can automatically utilize -- and be updated with -- real-time or otherwise current data. This can not only save time and confusion for, say, a steady stream of press materials or investor information, but can also keep in-the-field salespeople up to date.

As an example use case, the company cites an unnamed mutual fund company in the Northeast U.S. that needed a better way to keep their fund materials and presentation decks up to date, including the creation of customized, meeting-specific decks for presentation on iPads. Seismic said that its dynamic content creation tools and library filled that need.

With the new Seismic for Salesforce app, branded marketing and sales materials can include PDFs, diagrams, images or videos, and are stored in a cloud-based library. Users can employ versioning, semantic tagging, categorization, permissions or search for filtering, and templates can be designed and issued to maintain consistency. Commenting allows users to offer feedback on the quality of the materials.

Latest iPad App

The intent is for sales reps and account managers to grab a template on their desktop computer or tablet, and assemble the latest content from Salesforce and other sources, including financial market data, corporate content or general informational services available on the web.

Accompanying the release of the new Salesforce app, Seismic is also announcing the latest version of its iPad app, which utilizes content from online and off-line sources. The company said that updated versions of content are automatically synced when a user of the iPad app connects to the library.