Semantic search provider Smartlogic is ready to integrate its Semaphore platform into Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013, and upgrades include more ontology related Web parts and better multi-farm support for large-scale deployments.

Enterprise Search in SharePoint

Semaphore already integrates with SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010, and now that the 2013 version is here, Smartlogic has added customer requests like automating classifications to its enterprise search capabilties.

"We’ve simplified certain key information management processes, such that manual effort is no longer needed," Matthieu Jonglez, Smartlogic chief technology officer said in a statement.

Companies using SharePoint often need to be able to find documents, people and resources across many different users and departments, and Semaphore offers a streamlined way to contextualize search. The built in search capabilities of SharePoint have gotten better with each release, but for those companies who require scaleability of classifying and using unstructured info, implementations like Semaphore are hard to resist.

Learning Opportunities

Microsoft Office 365 + Smartlogic Recent Moves

For those operating in the cloud with Office 365, Semaphore upgrades are available there as well. The same kind of streamlining and simplification offered in the Semaphore SharePoint version are also offered for Office 365. That means documents should be easier to extract, classify and integrate at scale.

This is key because when it comes to document search, it's even more important to be able to find something from a mobile device. Mobile search within SharePoint is already difficult enough, so this is very relevant as iPads and now Microsoft's own Surface tablet continue their surge into corporate boardrooms.

Smartlogic has continued to refine is search ability over the past year with its purchase of competitor SchemaLogic in late 2011. This has solidified its semantic technology platform, something SharePoint and Office 365 users will be thankful for if it helps them find what they are looking for even a little bit faster.