SnapLogic Updates Integration Platform for Cloud/On-Premises Connections

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Enterprises looking to connect data to the cloud have a scalable way to do it with SnapLogic Integration Platform, and the company has a few new updates to keep the process simple and intuitive.

Integration More Than Just a Feature

Connecting systems to the cloud and getting them to effectively communicate is so important, SnapLogic has built its entire Integration Platform on this very premise. Applications like database connectivity, business productivity, business intelligence, analytics, business data and social media are often bought separately, and they don't always play nice together.

The same can be said for legacy and custom applications that are sorely in need of an update. SnapLogic has privately raised millions of dollars to solve this problem, and today marks the third major release of the year to its Integration Platform.

Building a centralized hub for apps to talk to each other is what the platform is all about, and it works with on-premises or cloud based systems. The new release supports multiple active servers, and that makes for a more reliable service if one of the servers goes down. 


Build containerized Snaps to connect systems in the cloud and allow various parties to work with them.

Learning Opportunities

Another new feature is called pipeline snapshots, and it's a shortcut for rolling back new changes to a previous version. That way, if a problem occurs during a new integration, the workflow can simply default to the older, more stable version. Additionally, there is a new smart shutdown feature that halts a new integration while an existing job finishes, thus reducing any IT hassles.

For admins, user management tasks are enabled across the platform with a browser based layout. Teams can work on their own segments while a central IT group can control the entire layer. 

Cloud or Bust

SnapLogic is offering a pretty handy tool at a time when the cloud is disrupting so much of the IT world. Enterprises, start ups and SMBs are all under pressure to have their online presence available at anytime on any device, and that means features and functions never meant for such access are being completely rethought.

SnapLogic offers over 150 data connectors (Snaps) using standardized Web formats to connect enterprise apps. That equals over 5000 connection combinations including pre-built connectors for apps like Box, Eloqua, NetSuite, Oracle, Salesforce.com and SAP.

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