Yesterday was the official kickoff of the 2011 SharePoint conference. The first thing up on the agenda was the keynote.

A Simple Vision for the Week

This year’s keynote was delivered by Jared Spataro, Jeff Teper and Kurt Delbene. They opened the conference by presenting everyone with a simple vision for the week -- for each of us to walk away and never have to say “I didn’t know SharePoint could do that!” This will be accomplished through the over 250 sessions that will be focused this year on celebrating what we have achieved with this release of SharePoint. This means that instead of focusing on any of the wave 15 elements, the entire conference will instead be a celebration of what people have done.

From my perspective, this is a great time to have this type of conference with this type of focus. After all, we are a ways away from a new release, so if the conference was full of the next release information, then we would all leave wanting more and knowing we would still be waiting!

With this approach, we can instead take some time to learn from others. This will be done through attending some of the customer-specific sessions or even just through the simple networking that occurs at the conference. There will be plenty of future opportunities to get the newest information on later releases, so at least we all know that we won’t hear it here and we can focus on some other objectives.

Notable Items Shared

And, while they didn’t share much on new releases, there were still some great items shared in the keynote, including:

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