Data warehouse giant Teradata has updated its existing demand chain management  (DCM) forecasting and replenishment solution with advanced analytic reporting for retailers in the area of supply chain analytics.

"The Teradata DCM solution is uniquely architected to calculate all forecasts and orders at the lowest level of product, location, day and week with our proprietary algorithms and processes," Mardie Noble, DCM solution partner at Toronto-based Teradata, told CMSWire. 

Data-Driven Decisions


Teradata, which last updated its DCM solution in June 2013, also announced availability of the solution in the cloud. Noble did not divulge pricing when asked by CMSWire. 

Noble said the solution is all about delivering the most accurate forecast for the retail industry where it counts -- "at whatever point of purchase suits the customer."

So what does the update include?

  • The ability to recognize potential stock-outs and inventory imbalances in near real time and adjust the flow of merchandise proactively to reduce supply disruptions
  • Improved forecast accuracy on slow-moving goods, which represents more than 70 percent of many retail stores assortments, according to Noble
  • Enables businesses to develop detailed supply chain reporting, supporting exception management and analysis capabilities. Allows the business to extend these analysis capabilities with their own in house teams
  • Allows retailers to deploy the DCM solution off premise and increases speed to value

Teradata's DCM, he boasted, delivers industry leading forecast accuracy, improving upon legacy and current industry solution offerings by 10 percent to 30 percent.

"This benefit," Noble said, "increases same store sales, inventory productivity and gross margins, driving improved profitability through lost sales and overstock reductions and more full price selling."