SharePoint has come a long way baby -- or has it? True, more companies are using Microsoft's web application platform than ever before and it might even be a household name, depending on the circles you run in, but has SharePoint really evolved? 

Too Much of the Same Thing?

There are more use cases for SharePoint -- with each new version providing more capabilities than the one before it. More companies are using it to host their public facing websites, while others are using as an intranet, designed for collaboration and workflow management. Yet, it's still primarily used for document management. Only a few years ago, thirty-five percent used is solely as a content repository -- now 85% use it for document management. Is that really any different? 

SharePoint's evolution seems to have also come in the form of patience, as more than half of companies indicate that they're waiting about 18 months to migrate to SharePoint 2013. If SharePoint has truly evolved as enterprise business platform, why the wait? While migrating to a new enterprise platform requires more strategic planning than buying the latest iPhone, it's still hard to fathom that "the next big thing" doesn't garner a bigger migration. 

The evolution of sharepoint.png

Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Despite the fact that SharePoint has been dissected and examined as closely as it has, companies are still encountering the same challenges in implementing it. Not enough governance, lack of end user training, different product versions make it hard for organizations to effectively deploy and manage SharePoint. So why hasn't it become easier to use SharePoint? Why has the chasm between love and hate grown wider? 

The evolution of SharePoint isn't as straightforward as other evolutionary trajectories, but you have to admit in some ways it has grown. It now offers more functionality and capabilities, so that if you can do much more than just document management. 

As we embark on this month long journey together, tell us -- what has evolved the most in your use of SharePoint? And what has stayed the same?