As information volume and diversity continues to expand, many organizations are struggling with how gain a view that both holistic and consumable. Enterprise middleware provider TIBCO and data integration vendor Attivio have announced a new partnership that provides at least one solution.

Unified Data Access Plus Visualization

Attivio has granted Tibco’s business intelligence and analytics platform platinum certification. Tibco is the first vendor that has achieved Attivio’s platinum level, which means it is more deeply integrated than other products that claim compatibility with Attivio’s platform. What does this mean other than snazzy new marketing material featuring two logos? The integration will allow customers to access Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine (AIE), a kind of universal data repository for structured and unstructured information, with the Tibco Spotfire user interface, which provides:

  • Desktop, browser and mobile analytics
  • Predictive analytics and data mining
  • Several data visualization formats like bar charts, scatter plots, box plots, treemaps, etc.
  • Data discovery and ad hoc analytics


The integration could substantially improve productivity by providing a single platform to analyze all data instead of cobbling together multiple tools and manually manipulating information like many information workers do today.

TIBCO Spotfire connects to AIE via JDBC or ODBC and can send full text searches to AIE, which gives users significant flexibility to find exactly what they need whether the content is in a relational database, content management system, email or a social media activity stream.

Getting Additional Details

TIBCO and Attivo will be attending Gartner’s Business Intelligence Summit, which is being held April 2-4 in Los Angeles. Attendees can see demos of Spotfire 4.0 and learn more about the new Attivio/Spotfire integration. If you aren’t attending the conference, Attivio has provided a brief video with more details on the integration.