Vendors including Titus and Equilibrium unveiled major upgrades to solutions for SharePoint at this week’s Microsoft SharePoint User Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Application upgrades target SharePoint user needs for security, image and video preview and tablet-based data capture.

Titus Security Suite for SharePoint Features Dynamic, Centralized Policies

Version 3.2 of Titus Security Suite for SharePoint consists of Titus Metadata Security, which manages content access and permissions based on metadata and user claims, and Titus Document Policy Manager, which applies virtual labels and converts documents to PDF format. The two solutions can be purchased independently or as a package.


New and improved features in version 3.2 include dynamic policies that can automatically block access based on changes in user status and assign specific permissions to individual group members (that may differ from group permissions), as well as centralized control of policy management, an SDK that allows integration with line-of-business applications and security for SharePoint farms and full data governance auditing.

TITUS Security Suite for SharePoint works with SharePoint 2013 and 2010 (Server and Foundation) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. 

Equilibrium MediaRich Provides Previews

Digital asset and media management applications provider Equilibrium is releasing MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 4.3. The solution’s InstantOn content visualization technology for SharePoint 2010/2013 can now be applied across all search, document and asset libraries.

InstantOn creates detailed previews of static images and documents, as well as video and audio files, using proprietary technology called UniZoom that does not require plug-ins or downloading the original file. Previews work across all browsers and on both PC and Mac operating systems.

Equilibrium says benefits of the new preview functionality include a lightening of strain on databases since files are no longer downloaded and the elimination of the need to create multiple preview files for different user environments. MediaRich ECM for SharePoint version 4.3 is available for SharePoint 2010/2013 and SharePoint Foundation. 

Adapx Adds Tablet Support 

Mobile data capture specialist Adapx is adding tablet support to version 2.2 of its Capturx for SharePoint solution. The latest upgrade of this mobile data capture application includes support for Windows 8 tablets and iPads. Capturx enables SharePoint users to develop custom Excel forms and then directly populate them with data from a wide variety of mobile devices. Tablet-based SharePoint users can now collect data online or offline and download it into form templates.

Easing SharePoint Cost, Complexity?

Although SharePoint continues to grow in popularity, expected to penetrate 49 percent of large and medium enterprises this year and 67 percent next year, its cost and complexity are also growing, according to recent data from Osterman Research. A new Osterman report indicates the mean cost of ownership per user per month has jumped from US$ 45.77 in 2011 to US$ 48.47 in 2012. In addition to price, IT management (or lack thereof) is identified as a major inhibitor of SharePoint  adoption.

All three of the profiled new SharePoint releases are designed to automate key SharePoint functions, which should help ease IT management issues. And if they work as well as advertised, increased efficiencies may provide enough ROI to help lower the cost of operating SharePoint a little, as well.

SharePoint Security Concerns Reflect Big Data Threat 

According to Channelnomics, the release of the upgraded Titus SharePoint security suite “speaks to growing security concerns around Big Data that are not about to go away any time soon.” An article about the new Titus offering states “collaboration tools such as SharePoint have resolved a slew of content and document management challenges. But conversely they have also served as a data aggregator that have also opened security holes and created new threat vectors.”

Considering the size of the threat posed by both the new security risks created by SharePoint and other collaboration tools and the ceaselessly growing volume of Big Data, Channelnomics concludes Titus and other security vendors have discovered a profitable niche.