Upgraded Perceptive Search Apps Include Social Data, Low Res Docs in Search Results

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Enterprise search and content management provider Perceptive Software is upgrading its Enterprise Search and Workgroup Search applications to version 10.2.

Opening Content to Search

Among the new features of Perceptive Software’s latest search technology iteration are connections to the vendor’s Content and Globalbrain applications which enable users to search content contained within static or low-resolution document images -- such as scanned paper documents.

In addition, a capability known as Social Panel allows users to include data from social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in their search results. Other improvements include optimized indexing functionality that Perceptive Software says allows quicker access to new and recently edited content.

In a CMSWire guest column at the beginning of the year, Telligent Founder/CEO Rob Howard predicted that social will become more deeply embedded in how companies work, rather than serve as a destination.

I believe that social isn't a destination, but rather a set of experiences,” stated Howard. “Meaning, social experiences need to be present within existing work streams… Social is the glue that enables employees to collaborate through a variety of different technologies (email, web based forums, blogs, etc.).”

The Social Panel feature is clearly a response to this embedding of social media within the fabric of everyday business, which necessitates social content to be included in general searches and not just in social-specific searches.

Search Takes Thought

Perceptive Software’s search technology upgrades also recognize a fact pointed out in a recent FCW column by Kamran Khan, co-founder, president and CEO of Search Technologies. Namely, intelligent search tools do not eliminate the need for human input.

Learning Opportunities

What we do not see as consumers is the incredibly complex, extensive and intensive work that goes on behind the scenes to make search seem effortless,” said Khan. “Although that illusion might not harm us in our personal lives, in business it presents a core challenge that must be overcome when properly implementing and maintaining an enterprise-level search engine."

Khan goes on to say that enterprise search, as opposed to consumer Web search, requires

attention to detail for normalizing data, capturing existing metadata and automatically generating new metadata that is contextual to the application,” which is “aided by tools provided through most search engines, but still requires a human hand to sculpt and properly implement.”

Perceptive Search is providing tools such as Social Pane and optimized document search and indexing, but users still must know what they are looking for and how to find it.

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Perceptive Enterprise Search and Workgroup Search support Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, iOS6 and Android Jelly Bean platforms, but users can modify the solutions to run on any platform or device, including mobile.

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