Change control can be an issue if you’re managing a project largely using email. SharePoint Online contains robust out-of-the-box change control capabilities to help you keep project documentation manageable and clean.

In this, the final entry in the series "Leveraging Office 365 for Project Collaboration," we will look into automating business processes. See how your documentation has evolved with a history of change requests, and control who can make changes to documentation. To learn more, click here:

Upgrading your current ad hoc project management platform need not initially involve complicated and sometimes overwhelming changes for you and your project change. Office 365 helps you ease into a more managed and structured project management process without drastic changes that can feel foreign and thwart user adoption across members of your team.

The complete integration of familiar tools like Outlook, Word and Microsoft Project Professional with SharePoint Online means you can slip a more efficient and easily accessible (from anywhere) project management process that will cut wasted time and increase true collaboration and productivity.

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