Microsoft SharePoint parts maker VirtoSoftware has released a project planning and management template for managing SharePoint projects.  The “ready-to-use” plugin offers planning, task and resource management as well as reporting tools in the SharePoint environment.

The solution integrates several components and services such as real-time project overview in Project Dashboard, Gantt charts, Resource Utilization Monitor and Ajax Calendar features. There’s also a section called Personal Project Space, for tracking of active and overdue tasks, with information from the personal space.  

Tools for Project Management

The Project Dashboard provides a real-time overview of project components in SharePoint, to track progress, task status, resource workload and other related issues. The technology also supports data sharing among colleagues with a summary dashboard supporting multiple project tracking.  

Resource Utilization Monitor and Ajax Calendar features allows single viewing of all project tasks and sub-tasks with editing features that include milestone, baseline and resource assignment, plus timeframe and percent complete details. The template also supports email alerts (notification) notes and establishing relationships between tasks, with mouse-click functionality. 

Project Management for SharePoint also allows (human and material) resource workload and utilization tracking plus budget planning tools including expenses and spending forecasts. 

Key Features 

These include:

  • Project Time Tracking
  • Single SharePoint Project Space
  • Project Gantt View
  • SharePoint Project Planning and Finance
  • Email Notifications and Reminders
  • Project Tasks and To-dos
  • Project Resource Utilization
  • Reporting Center (Tasks, Recourse and Budget Summary)
  • Security Roles
  • Single Installation File

VirtoSoftware is not the only one targeting project management tools for CMS. Earlier this month, CentralDesktop announced a set of project management tools for its namesake Software as a Service technology, offering similar task management, Gantt scheduling charts and resource tracking tools.  

For its part, VirtoSoftware has announced a string of web parts for SharePoint technology over the past few months, including bulk file check-in and Improving tagging capabilities in June, and a Workflow Monitor tool with extended search, filtering, management and reporting in May.

The company said system requirements to run the template in SharePoint include the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 Server
  • Edition for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Note: This product is not compatible with SPS 2003 and WSS v2
  • Edition for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - Microsoft Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Browser
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher is recommended; Mozilla Firefox 3.0 is applicable