Earlier in the week we looked at migrating content into hybrid SharePoint environments and the importance of governance and securing content. Today, Vordel shot across the radar with the release of its SharePoint Gateway solution that enables users to share data between SharePoint; mobile workforces and non-Microsoft applications.

Not directly related to governance, it’s worth a look at anything that makes shooting data in and out of SharePoint more secure, especially when this one -- according to the makers -- improves SharePoint performance by 30% out-of-the-box.

SharePoint Gateway

The Gateway, the company says, provides agentless single sign-on integrated with all the big access management products, enabling users to work in the existing workflows without affecting productivity.

IT planners building their content management strategies around SharePoint need to be able to ensure that there is seamless single sign-on across all SharePoint sites and that business users can gain access to content from any device, where ever they may be…By leveraging the Gateway's out-of-the-box connectors to all onsite third-party identity management products and the Microsoft security world, users can quickly access and seamlessly navigate across applications without the need for multiple passwords,” Ed King, VP Product Marketing with Vordel said.

Vordel Single Sign On.jpg

Vordel SharePoint Gateway

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SharePoint relies on Microsoft security technologies Kerberos, NTLM and ADFS for access control. While this is all very well in exclusively-Microsoft environment, in mixed environments it’s a different matter, and most enterprises are working now in mixed environments.

Enterprises can use tools such as CA SiteMinder or Oracle Access Manager, but they are complex and the use of them is a difficult act of fine-tuning and balance. SharePoint Gateway provides out-of-the-box, agent-less SharePoint SSO integration with all the leading access management products.

Mobile, Remote Access

Mobile access is also a complex business with SharePoint because of its reliance on Windows and ActiveDirectory security infrastructure. With many enterprises using multiple SharePoint sites, it becomes even more complex again, involving the caching, exchange and redirection of Kerberos SPNEGO Tokens and SharePoint service Tickets. Vordel SharePoint Gateway provides pre-wired orchestration and hides the complexity from the users and the SharePoint servers.

Vordel mobile functionality.jpg

Vordel mobile connection

Smart Cache Management

As to the claims of making SharePoint faster, Vordel says it does this by smart cache management. As more data is shared via SharePoint, its performance slows down.  Much of the content hosted on SharePoint sites is relatively static with frequently retrieved documents such as policies, templates, and reports tending to be the most static of content.

Vordel’s Connectivity

We haven’t come across Vordel before, so let’s take a quick look. Vordel provides connectivity for SOA and cloud services and is based in Dublin, Ireland, but with offices in the US and Europe.

While it announced record net revenue results for the 4th quarter and year ending Dec 31, 2011, it didn't go into the details, so we don't really know what the turnover is, or where it falls.

Even still, it announced a growth rate of 120% in Q4 over the same period in 2010, with an enterprise customer base of over 200 clients.

However, the big news for it last year was the strategic alliance with Oracle, which it says, has significantly boosted its revenue channels.

But it’s not just Oracle. It has also announced partnerships with VMWare and, through that alliance, access to EMC, while the release last year of Vordel Gateway 6.2 offered integrated SOA and cloud governance.

It says that this year it will be making other significant partner announcements, and with the alignment of cloud computing and mobile devices, it should see another pretty good year. One to watch.