As organizations seeks to gain competitive advantage, vendors like JasperSoft (newssite) need to come up with solutions that help them get information into the right hands quickly. JasperSoft's newest reporting solution is designed to do just that.

The Importance of Business Intelligence

Many organizations have numerous systems that store content and data that can help them build more efficient business processes and/or better products and solutions. But the information is hidden away in these systems and not easily obtained by the people who need it.

Business Intelligence solutions are designed to help these organizations get the right information into the right hands. JasperSoft, an open source BI provider, has announced a new solution designed to provide affordable business intelligence to business users.

BI Reporting for Everyone

Called JasperReports Server Professional, it is a reporting server that enables business users to create and distribute interactive reports -- and it's affordable at US$ 9,000 (note that this is a promotional price, so we aren't sure when it runs out).

So what does JasperReports Server Professional provide?

  • Web based reports that can be modified using drop downs, filters and different parameters
  • Flash based maps, charts and wizards
  • Integration with a number of identity management systems for secure reporting
  • Multiple data sources including JDBC, XML, POJO, EJB, MDX, CSV, and custom
  • Export to different formats including HTML, PDF, XLS, RTF, SWF, ODF, TXT

The product offers the ability to schedule 1000s of reports in a single server environment and includes unlimited reports for unlimited users. It can be installed as a standalone server or embedded into another application (this is what eXo does with JasperReports Server).

If you do decide purchase an annual subscription to JasperReports Server Professional you will get tons of documentation on JasperReports, iReport and JasperServer, along with access to a knowledge base and professional phone support. In addition you have access to a number of charts, maps and widgets out of the box to help you get going on those interactive reports faster.