They’re wrong.

At least when CMSWire is there. And we’re going to be at EMC World and the Momentum (Documentum) Conference next week.

And while -- at this point -- we haven’t been briefed on what’s supposed to go down, our prying eyes and ears have been working the vine. We’ve also looked back at our coverage of Documentum conferences over the past few years to see if what we found lacking then still needs to be delivered.

Plus, we’re going to try to ask EMC big boss Joe Tucci if he really wants to dump Documentum. We may even take a selfie of ourselves saying “oh, oh pick me!” while trying to get his attention at the packed press conference.

And finally we plan to sit down with a big cheese or two to see if some of those “facts” we’ve seen on a certain blog are actually true or if its author jumped to the (wrong) conclusions and presented them as fact.You know it is possible for a technology company to lay off workers because business plans change and experts with different skill sets become needed. And when it comes to reading financial reports it might help to know if software license renewals are accounted for as product or services.

But enough about that.

Learning Opportunities

Playing the Odds

Since we’re going to Vegas, we thought it might be fun to play the odds and make some predictions.

  1. Documentum, Pivotal (and possibly VMWare) announce some kind of a relationship. While we’re not ready to bet that EMC and Documentum are splitting up, we do think that the odds are high that Pivotal and Documentum will be hooking up (a.k.a. working together in some way).
  2. Documentum’s xCP, which helps companies connect information to work, becomes available on the public cloud. xCP might be delivered much the way Salesforce is. This will be a “born in the Cloud” solution, which is NOT the same as lobbing an on premises solution onto the cloud. Read up on aPaaS if you’re not familiar with it.
  3. EMC InfoArchive, which handles both structured and unstructured data, gets mentioned in CEO Joe Tucci’s keynote while he’s talking big data.
  4. If Documentum goes to Pivotal, InfoArchive stays with EMC.
  5. Either EMC IIG President Rick Devenuti or EMC IIG Vice President Rohit Ghai will talk about Pivotal’s PaaS Cloud Foundry.
  6. EMC Syncplicity gets mentioned in Tucci’s keynote as one of the company’s most successful new products.
  7. EMC Syncplicity delivers connectors for SharePoint. Any OneDrive conflicts here?
  8. Will Documentum get social? We’re not so sure, and we don’t understand why not. If neither Devenuti nor Ghai announce that they’ve built or bought social capabilities, we’ll see if we can corner VMWare boss Pat Gelsinger and ask him why he can’t give Socialcast to IIG. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything with it.

Those are our bets and they’re all in fun, though it would be nice to hit the jackpot on at least a few of them. If you have bets of your own to make, we’re all ears.

Stay Tuned

Not going to Momentum? We’ve got you covered.

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