Data integration is all relative. With Equivio's announcement of a new integrated version of its near-duplicates and email threads technology within kCura's review platform, Relativity, it really is.

Accessibility, Functionality and Data Management

The new integrated version enables users to launch and manage Equivio’s processing from a tab within kCura’s standard Relativity GUI and aims to improve Equivio’s accessibility and functionality for Relativity users by offering a unified GUI and seamless data flows.

Users are able to leverage Equivio’s near-duplicate and email thread groupings without leaving the Relativity review environment. This update provides users with key advantages by allowing access to all Equivio functionality and data from within Relativity rather than making them toggle between two applications like many plug-in integrations do.

It's All Relative

Since partnering with kCura in 2008, Equivio has progressively enhanced its Relativity plug-in to simplify and streamline the import and export of data between Equivio and Relativity. At this time last year, Equivio tightened the level of integration of its technology with kCura's Relativity review platform. In an effort to expedite the management and review of large document repositories, the new version provides users direct access and updates in the Relativity database to create an efficient and seamless workflow, which can simplify data handling, save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Of course, any data integration requires knowing where your data is and identifying redundant data. To help companies better understand the cost of data redundancy and the importance of embracing a content-centric business process, such as early case assessment, litigation review, content management and intelligence analysis, Equivio provides a handy ROI Calculator in which case parameters can be entered and calculated.

If getting your company’s data in order is among your New Year’s resolutions, this might be the product for you.