YouSendIt announced apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac, which allow users to share content in the cloud. The new collaboration tools will also let users sync, send and sign across desktop and mobile applications.

According to the company, YouSendIt's security policies ensure that content is protected and encrypted on the company servers and also password-protected on users' mobile devices.

Competition Heats Up

YouSendIt, Box and Dropbox have been competing for users' affection with a steady stream of new features and improvements. In July, YouSendIt rolled out a file-sending utility to allow Windows desktop or iPhone users to collaborate in the cloud. With three levels of service ranging from 2GB of free storage up to unlimited storage for US$ 14.99 a month, the app boasted DropBox-like sharing and synching features.

July was also busy for Dropbox, which focused on raising capital. In October, the company announced that it had raised US$ 250 million in venture funding.

Soon after the company's funding announcement, Dropbox launched Dropbox for Teams, an enterprise-grade cloud-based storage service that offers a terabyte of space. At the same time, the company announced new administration features and centralized billing.

Meanwhile, Box announced a new developer network, the Box Innovation Network (/bin). The company is investing up to US$ 2 million in fund money within the first year of the /bin launch. Earlier in the year, Box rolled out native applications for Android and Blackberry Playbook tablets, in addition to a web-based HTML5 version of their apps for any HTML5-compliant mobile browser.

YouSendIt Apps

YouSendIt's new apps are available in the Apple App Store and Android Market. In addition to three pricing tiers, the company provides free trials of the YouSendIt service.