YouSendIt Unveils Workstream Enterprise Content Collaboration Solution YouSendIt
launches Workstream, an enterprise content collaboration solution. With the Workstream SharePoint plug-in, users can share files with external partners.

Send, Sync, Share

YouSendIt, an enterprise collaboration services provider, has been steadily rolling out features, heating up its competition with Box and Dropbox. Last year, the company announced apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac to allow users to share content in the cloud.

YouSendIt claims to have 28 million registered users worldwide, with companies such as Sesame Workshop and AMAG Pharmaceuticals becoming early adopters of Workstream. "From a user perspective, it's discreet, sitting as a plug-in on our Outlook application," says Noah Broadwater, CTO of Sesame Workshop.

Workstream lets users have access to, edit and sync content. Users can also share files with colleagues and sign documents using web and mobile apps.

Security Measures

YouSendIt claims that Workstream provides the most secure cloud-based collaboration platform for Microsoft users, explaining:

Workstream now provides robust policy settings for white and black listing domains from file sharing and the ability to provision and de-provision users through integration with Microsoft Active Directory, giving IT the flexibility it needs to address a fluctuating workforce. It also enforces encryption on mobile devices and provides policies such as mobile application passcode enforcement and remote wipe of application data. The encryption feature is essential for protecting sensitive information from unauthorized users and is required to achieve compliance with industry regulations and internal policies."

Data being transmitted is encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption, and controls can be set to wipe a mobile device of its content after a predetermined number of failed passcode attempts.

Free Test Drive

Not convinced that Workstream is all that? The company is offering a free trial so you can test drive Workstream for yourself.

YouSendIt is also offering a webinar on March 22 at 10 a.m. PDT.