The last time we talked about ZL Technologies’ Unified Archive was when it released version 7.0. So it’s only appropriate that today we talk about its latest release -- version 7.0.4 of Unified Archive.

The Power of One

The new release re-emphasizes the unified part of UA by ensuring that only one data copy is kept, one policy is enforced and one view of the data is provided across several integrated ZL applications such as e-Discovery, compliance, records management and storage optimization. ZL calls it the Power of One.


Additionally, v.7.0.4 offers three major capabilities focused on improving access, management and the e-Discovery process. By consolidating all corporate data in a centralized, searchable repository, ZL has made it possible to migrate data from legacy databases. This also means that UA can natively read formats of other systems including Symantec Enterprise Vault, CA Messenger Manager, EMC Legato and others, including data stored within proprietary repositories such as EMC Centera. Large organizations have the most to gain from this; they can say goodbye to the slow, laborious migration process, and hello to speedy migration from legacy archives -- and we know they have lots of it.

Reduce Risk, Save Space, Manage Better

Yet, speeding up the process doesn’t necessarily make managing data easier. To help make it so, UA 7.0.4 has added a Manage-In-Place File Preview to the UA e-discovery module. The preview helps users to keep data in its original repository without creating an additional archived copy until necessary, which makes it easier and quicker to search and review information. Because documents can be saved to the archive when needed (for a legal hold, etc), or in the end user’s file stores until its normal retention period expires or the end-user deletes it, ZL UA makes it possible to save space, time and money while reducing risk.

With access increased and management streamlined, ZL UA tackles the rest just as efficiently. With a new Custodian Portal, users can send customized preservation and collection requests to external data managers and track the progress from the e-Discovery module. The Custodian Portal also allows end users to view preservation notifications and surveys that they have acknowledged in the past as well as preservation orders that are still in effect.

Saving money and time is always a good thing, but sometimes being too efficient can create more work and demands for data managers. Fortunately, ZL Technologies seems to have streamlined each step so that as processes become more efficient, so does the way data is managed and archived.