One of the biggest issues around e-Discovery, apart from the fact that many companies don’t bother about it until they’re hit with an e-Discovery demand, is access to information in the many different silos across the enterprise. The new OEM agreement between EntropySoft and ZyLab aims to solve that problem.

With the growing costs of e-Discovery, and the increasingly punitive fines and legal consequences of failure to comply with requests, this OEM seems like one of the more logical ones in the information management industry.

Both companies have considerable reputations in their respective fields -- ZyLab as an enterprise e-Discovery application provider, EntropySoft as the connector king -- so by putting the two together, the possibilities for information recovery -- or discovery -- are increased considerably.

EntropySoft Connectors

For EntropySoft, an agreement with an e-Discovery specialist was obvious.

EntropySoft provides a set of Content Connectors, or libraries, that convert the native APIs of any content-centric-application into a normalized interface.

entropysoft content hub.jpg

EntropySoft Content Hub

Its goal is to position its Content Hub product as a checkpoint between the enterprise and the cloud. And it is doing a good job of making that happen.

Currently, Content Hub connects to more than 40 enterprise CMSes and, with the release of v5.2 in October, it integrated it into the SharePoint environment.

If, as we have already seen in the AIIM report, also in October, that the use of SharePoint 2010 as an enterprise CMS is rapidly growing, then any way of initiating an e-Discovery process through SharePoint 2010 using the EntropySoft connector can only be a good thing.

With it,  you have access to your enterprise CMS repositories from within the SharePoint interface. This includes integration via web parts and search. So let's take a closer look.

But it’s not just SharePoint 2010 -- that’s just an example; EntropySoft has most major enterprise CMSes connected, so ZyLab users will be able to do it with them too.

EntropySoft, ZyLab

With the new ZyLab OEM relationship, ZyLab will integrate EntropySoft Connectors into its e-Discovery and information management solutions.

This will give it the added kick of being able to "discover" much of the vast amount unstructured information that currently resides in different enterprise repositories.

This functionality will be offered out-of-the-box so that from set-up, ZyLab will offer more than 40 EntropySoft Connectors for all major enterprise CMSes.

But it’s unlikely it is going to stop here. EntropySoft was only set up in 2005 and had a pretty good year last year with different kinds of connectors being released onto the market. It seems likely, then, that as its portfolio increases, the amount of connectors ZyLab will be able to offer will increase too.