EntropySoft Connects SharePoint Web Parts, Search to Tons of Enterprise CMS

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They talked about it at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim earlier this month, but now it's actually available: EntropySoft Content Hub 5.2 -- and it comes with some nice SharePoint integration.

Content Hub Connects Your ECM System

Did you know that Entropysoft's solutions are used by 6 of the 14 vendors in Gartner's Information Access Magic Quadrant, including Endeca (but we didn't get any scoop on what Oracle will do with that relationship)? Considering EntropySoft can connect to almost any content management system available, cloud or on premise, that's not really surprising.

It's also not surprising that their growth rate is really high, or that 85% of it is coming from North America. Or that the strongest market the company has in the US is the discovery market, including 2 separate product OEM agreements with Symantec (and another in the works).

EntropySoft's goal is to position its Content Hub product s a checkpoint between the enterprise and the cloud. And they are doing a good job of making that happen (see Box Offers a Cloud Connection to your Enterprise CMS).

But today's release is primarily about SharePoint.

Integrating with SharePoint

EntropySoft clearly understands that SharePoint plays a key role in many enterprises (see Report: A Third of Organizations Use SharePoint as an Enterprise CMS), especially as an end-user (or front end) tool for information workers. So what it has done with Content Hub 5.2 is integrate it into the SharePoint environment, so you can access all your Enterprise CMS repositories from within the SharePoint interface. This includes integration via web parts and search. So let's take a closer look.

Web Part Integration

If you use one of the 40+ enterprise content management systems that EntropySoft's Content Hub connects to, then you can now work inside SharePoint to easily connect to that ECM and work. Yes, it is possible to connect to a number of ECMs from within SharePoint already, but each one has its own interface and admin configuration. 


SharePoint Web Parts

With Content Hub 5.2 you have one administration interface and one set of Web Parts that will allow you to access all ECM repositories you work with. You can browse all your content repositories or folders within repositories, create, edit or delete documents, change metadata properties and access permissions, all from within SharePoint. You can also automate your content processes, like setting a document to archive or transferring it to another system. The processes are actually set up within Content Hub, you can then initiate them from within SharePoint.

Search Integration

In addition, EntropySoft has integrated with SharePoint search, both FAST and Search Server. The Content Hub is used as a content source, so SharePoint indexes all the content sources available through the Hub. You can also have faceted navigation by content repository.

Learning Opportunities

Also note that administration of Content Hub integration with SharePoint is available within the SharePoint Administration.


SharePoint Connectors

A New Interface for Content Hub

The updates to Content Hub 5.2 are not all about SharePoint though. This new version also brings a new user interface, integration with MS Office 2007 and 2010 and support for both WebDAV and CMIS AtomPub.


Content Hub 5.2 - Content Processes

And for the Enterprise Edition of Content Hub you also get support for application server clustering and load balancing.

Got More Than One ECM? Get Content Hub

It's hard enough to manage one Enterprise CMS, but when you have more than one -- and more organizations do, it can quickly become a major source of stress for all of those who both use them and administrate them. EntropySoft can help ease the work required to use multiple content repositories. And it can support both on premise and cloud based repositories within a single environment.

Add SharePoint to the mix and I feel you pain. Content Hub 5.2 is definitely worth the time to look if you have any of these concerns.

General availability is planned for November, but you can get more details now.