Inmagic Goes Social with Knowledge Management System

Inmagic, a provider of knowledge management solutions, recently released a new socialized version of their knowledge repository. The company says the solution was named Social Presto by customers including NASA, Newsweek and the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. 

But we'll focus less on the name dropping -- although NASA is an impressive client -- and more on the turn we see vendors continuing to take in the direction of social knowledge solutions.

The Magic of Social Tools

The third major release of Inmagic’s Presto Knowledge Management system, Presto 3.0 (unsurprisingly) enables the management of data and unifies content, including documents, images, audio, video, websites, blogs and RSS feeds. With these capabilities, Inmagic reports that organizations can integrate top-down vetted information with bottom-up social input that captures the collective "wisdom of the community".
That’s kind of a fancy shmancy way of saying that now their system is getting with the times and that it allows for a social interaction and feedback from its audience. Cool.

There’s More (Both Features and Name Dropping)

“We require a secure place where content and social media can be controlled, as well as a place where the community can both enhance and develop content,” Jeff Wolfe, Photo Planner, Analex (IMCS) Photo & Media Services, NASA. “The inherent capabilities of Presto 3.0 provide a Social Knowledge Network platform that enables us to collect, organize and make accessible the nearly 12 terabytes of digital content at NASA.”

Twelve terabytes is a lot of content. And let's be honest, if NASAs impressed, ít might be worth a closer look.

Presto 3.0 is said to be designed to deliver five key benefits to information-rich organizations. They are as follows:

  • A “Single Source of Truth” that eliminates information silos by centralizing relevant information and social content into a single knowledge repository accessible throughout the knowledge network.
  • Improved Organizational Productivity by ensuring users can rapidly access vetted, relevant information and enhance that information through the wisdom of the community.
  • “Social Intelligence” that fosters collaboration and quality control through context-based social tools, including comments, ratings, tagging and tag clouds, and blogging.
  • “Social Security” through an innovative “Social Volume Knob” that provides fine-tuned monitoring and management control over social capabilities.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership with Fast ROI compared to other approaches. Social Knowledge Networks operate on a single platform that speeds implementations, simplifies management, requires fewer IT resources, reduces training requirements, and accelerates time-to-impact.

Let's Talk Money and Smarts

Presto 3.0 is available on a subscription and perpetual license basis, and you're looking at taking about a US$15,000 dollar hit for the service. Fortunately, Inmagic seems to know what they're doing.

By jumping on the social bandwagon, Inmagic is helping customers leverage their most critical knowledge assets -- content and people -- through a centralized enterprise knowledge base.

A base of electronic smarts that (just to quickly recap our favorite benefit) actually gets smarter through the use of popular self-service social tools that you're probably already all too familiar with. Collaborative editing and discussions also contribute conversational theme of social knowledge building.

Inmagic's 25 years of history is noteworthy. Staying with the times is another good sign. Learn more over at