We're continuing January with expert articles on everything from A to Z. Read on for tips on topics like SharePoint success and business collaboration, or if you're interested in reading about how Web Analytics Demystified's founder Eric T. Peterson totally schooled me on measuring social influence in the enterprise. 

6 Resolutions to Ensure SharePoint Success in 2011. In my last post, I hazarded my best guess at what 2011 will bring for SharePoint. In this post, I want to sketch out the SharePoint New Year’s resolutions I think every organization should adopt.

Social Collaboration: A Retrospective and Outlook. A lot of things happened in the social collaboration space during 2010, several of which have created ripple effects to be seen in 2011 and beyond. This article discusses three stand-out Social Collaboration trends.

Can a Measure of “Social Influence” Online Be Taken Too Far?. Last week, CMSWire’s Chelsi Nakano wrote a short review titled “5 Business Tools for Measuring Social Influence Online.” It caught my eye because, in addition to my web analytics practice at Web Analytics Demystified, I am the CEO and Founder at one of the measurement services Chelsi covered, Twitalyzer. While I think Chelsi did a good job covering some of the more well-known technologies in the space — ourselves, Klout, PeerIndex, Hubspot and Empire Avenue — the interesting question Chelsi didn’t ask was whether social influence should be measured and how those measures should be used.

Will CMIS Suffer JCR's Fate?. There has been some debate recently about the “demise” of the JCR specification. One of the factors blamed for JCR’s demise is the relatively new CMIS standard. This begs the question: what is to prevent CMIS from the same fate as JCR?

WEM: Modern Engagement Systems Must Connect to Mad Men's Martini Moment. As all successful sales people know, some of the most important conversations happen in informal settings. Connecting these moments to the sales cycle is a discipline, but one that's become increasingly possible with the evolution of web engagement tools, as they bridge between web content management and customer relationship management.

Content Strategy: Now is the Hour of Real Time Web Analytics. All content strategists dream about fully understanding what their audience wants in terms of content. Delivering content that is valuable, shareable and findable is the goal of every content strategy. Watching how your users interact with your content is now a dream that has come true with real-time analytics packages.