I am always skeptical of any "Year's Best" award given out well before the year has finished. I liken it to movies that premier in January and call themselves the "must-see movie of the year." It always seems a little too premature. In this case, I'll make an exception. Nstein's Ntelligent Content Management Suite, which has the unique ability to relate to both publisher and consumer, has deservingly been crowned one of the “Trend-Setting Products of 2007” as named by KMWorld magazine. The Trend-Setter's list identifies key products that have had an impact on the market over the past year and represent "some of the very best thinking about, and development of, solutions for nearly every vertical industry and every organization, public or private." These awards are based on extensive discussions with knowledge management practitioners, integrators, analysts and end-users. This year, more than 650 products were reviewed. The Ntelligent Content Management (NCM) suite provides publishers, press agencies and news aggregators with cross media publishing tools that automate the process of e-publishing, as well as help generate new revenue streams. The suite was designed to maintain existing editorial processes while automatically organizing current and archived content feeds alongside dynamic, value-adding context. Nstein Technologies describes NCM as "a fully configurable turnkey solution that perfectly integrates into your existing work habits and can be deployed in response to specific needs in a very short time." And the NCM suite is modular, making it possible to retain current IT assets. According to KMWorld's editor-in-chief, Hugh Mckellar, Nstein's NCM was selected because it "has carved out an important niche for itself in the content management industry. Designed to cater to the needs of press and media organizations, the NCM Suite offers end-to-end solutions that support publishers as they shift from a paper-based culture to a multichannel digital publishing environment." By providing a product that takes publishing and content organization to "a new level of intelligent content management and search performance," it is not hard to understand NCM's selection as one of Trend-Setting Product of 2007. Surely, something that maximizes efficiency and accuracy for both publishers and media consumers is a trend we'd like to see develop for years to come. The Trend-Setting Products of 2007 will be featured in the September issue of KMWorld. Be sure to take a look!