THINQ Learning Solutions, Inc. today announced the availability of the THINQ Learning Content Management System (LCMS), a fully browser-based tool to create, deploy and manage content rapidly for training and learning programs enterprise-wide. Available as an optional module of the THINQ TrainingServer(R) Learning Management System (LMS), THINQ LCMS enables organizations to centralize the management of proprietary and third-party content for real-time learning and high-impact business results. Specifically, the THINQ LCMS offers:
    * An intuitive development environment for easy drag-n-drop content assembly; * Collaborative authoring tools to manage and track reusable assets through a centralized database; * Built-in workflow management to efficiently monitor the development progress; and * Instant publishing of content to the THINQ LMS, eliminating multi-step processes for reformatting and exporting relevant content.
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