<CMSWire> Another move that enhances IBM's position in the world of ECM. As noted in a previous CMSWire post, both IBM and Microsoft are quietly (?) gaining significant strength in this area. From what we can tell up front, this acquisition modernizes some of the robust but possibly a bit dated capabilities of the DB Content Manager product line. Content Manager is quite strong in the acquire, store, index, access areas, but not so much so in the collaboration model. This seems to be where Green Pasture comes in. The questions this news does seem to beg are: Where does Domino.doc fit in here? and How does this impact the Lotus Workplace Web CMS suite (which integrates with Domino.doc and DB2 Content Manager)? </CMSWire> IBM today announced it has acquired Green Pasture Software, Inc., a leading provider of document management software. Green Pasture Software is a privately held company based in Corvallis, Oregon. Financial details were not disclosed. Green Pasture's operations will be integrated into IBM's Enterprise Content Management business and Green Pasture products will be available immediately from IBM. The acquisition further extends IBM's leadership in enterprise content management, a fast-growing segment of its DB2 Information Management portfolio, enabling customers to electronically develop and manage the entire lifecycle of their business documents across the enterprise to increase efficiencies and make faster business decisions. Today's news marks IBM's third acquisition in its Enterprise Content Management business since 2002. IBM purchased Tarian's records management software in November 2002 and Aptrix's Web content management software in July 2003. Green Pasture Software is a leading provider of document management software that enables businesses to take advantage of real-time, high-performance document management capabilities to electronically collaborate, edit and manage multiple documents simultaneously. The software helps organizations more easily develop and manage documents that incorporate interrelated parts, such as spreadsheets, multimedia files and computer aided design (CAD) references. For example, businesses today use Green Pasture software to automate and streamline document management across multiple business operations including product development, financial reporting, and compliance with governmental requirements. As a result, organizations can more easily create and manage documents such as product manuals, annual reports, and pharmaceutical submissions for clinical trials. The addition of Green Pasture Software extends IBM's leadership in delivering the most comprehensive enterprise content management infrastructure in the industry, ranging from the development of simple spreadsheets to managing highly complex documents. IBM is the only vendor that supports customers' complete enterprise content management requirements, including support for all forms of information, document and records management, collaboration, digital rights management and storage. Read. Read about DB2 Content Manager.