Xerox has completed the previously announced acquisition of privately held XMPie for $54 million. The purchase strengthens the company's position as the trend towards more personalized communications and increasingly cross-media marketing campaigns continues.XMPie helps graphic designers, marketing companies and print providers develop creative, customized marketing programs. The differentiator is that XMPie technologies enable the integration of personalized data and designs, called "variable data". "Personalization is one of the ‘killer apps’ for digital printing," said Jacob Aizikowitz, president, XMPie. "More and more customers recognize that integrating variable data services with digital printing results in a higher return on investment than traditional marketing programs." XMPie provides software solutions for variable data publishing ranging from the desktop to servers, from print to multi-channel campaigns, from personalized images to personalized booklets to personalized websites, and from out-of-the-box solutions to a platform for integration and and business process specific workflow requirements. XMPie's PersonalEffect server is the flagship of their variable data offerings. It supports cross-media one-to-one marketing over print, email, and web channels. With PersonalEffect, Variable Data Publishing (VDP) publishers can integrate a range of smart zones in each document. Options include full color imagery, text, photographs, tables, and tailored data sets. The acquisition will place XMPie as a stand-alone software unit within Xerox.