Hey, look over there, it's the end of the year, yeah, just right 'round the bend. Hurray! We made it! And not only that, it's been our best year ever. Now we're winding down and cooling the CPUs as we settle into a week or so of end of year reflection and spiked eggnog sipping.

Here are some parting thoughts...

Thanks to the Readership

Thanks to you our ever appreciated readers, we've seen an especially fruitful 2008. We won't bore you with the details but will share that our audience size has grown another 100% over the course of 2008. And for that, we are very grateful.

Thank you for supporting us, for helping to spread the news and for joining in the conversation. We've got some exciting new things coming in 2009. So stick around and see where we take the CMS news game over the next 12 months.

Thanks to Our Editors, Writers and Contributors

Back in 2003 when the first bits of text crawled out from the CMSWire.com swamp, it was just little old me tapping away here. Nowadays we've got a tiny crowd of creative, energetic and technical folks who take pride in keeping the content management world informed.

My personal thanks goes out to Barb Mosher, Irina Guseva, Angela Natividad, John Conroy, Marisa Peacock, Jason Campbell, Eric Brown, Chelsi Nakano, Jason Harris, James Mowery, Gerry McGovern, Rick Sloboda, Seth Gottlieb and many others who have given their 2 cents on a topic close to their hearts.

You guys make my carpal tunnel syndrome weep with joy.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Good ideas, critical reviews, field experience, and concise and entertaining writing all make for good content. The other part of the equation is progressive and intelligent (ahem!) sponsors who recognize the importance of our readership for their business cycles — and the importance of advertising during a recession.

Without you wonderfully insightful people we'd be, if you'll permit me to say, much more constrained. So a big thanks goes out to the following organizations for the rope they have provided us.

  • Ademero — Affordable document management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • CMS WatchThe analyst firm covering and uncovering the details of the content management industry, including an in-depth SharePoint report.
  • Ektron — Makers of one of the leading .NET web content management solutions.
  • EMC — Enterprise content management, document management, collaboration and compliance solutions.
  • Ephox — Rich web content editing which blends ease of use with enterprise features.
  • eTouch SamePage — The enterprise-strength wiki solution that combines the best of wikis and blogs to effectively support and streamline collaborative team efforts.
  • The Gilbane Group — Conferences, reports, webinars, consulting and more. Gilbane keeps the industry informed.
  • Ingeniux — Makers of Enterprise 2.0 web content management solutions.
  • JBoye — High impact conferences for web practitioners. Coming to Philadelphia in 2009.
  • Kentico — A simple .NET web content management system with workflow and rapid development support.
  • Lyris HQ — Web content management meets web analytics meets marketing automation, and they have a big bad party.
  • Open Text — Blending enterprise content management and email life cycle management Open Text manages enterprise content.
  • SDL Tridion — Enterprise web content management for the multi-lingual and international organizations.
  • Quantum Art — QP7 is a .NET web content management and content application platform that enables rapid development of content-centric functionality.
  • Sitecore — Enterprise grade web content management with a strong eye towards .NET friendly tools and APIs.
  • Telerik Sitefinity — A light-weight, modular and accessible ASP.NET web content management system that pleases both the developers and the marketers.
  • Xythos — Document management and collaboration solutions, either on-premise or SaaS.
  • …and of course dear old uncle Google and the smart little thing they call AdSense.

And now, its time to rest the hands that type, and eat and sleep merrily. We'll see you wonderful people in January.