It's another Friday folks and this time we wave a fond farewell the Europeans as they shut down the shop and kiss their computers goodbye. Even if they don't leave town until August, the brains are definitely thinking sun, not software.

Now just before we shuffle out our own doors, here's a big thanks to the current CMSWire sponsors. It's you who have kept the content management gears in our heads turning and the life giving air conditioners merrily purring. We are thankful.

Additionally, we know that physical event activity is down and virtual events are up up up. Are you promoting a webinar or training? We offer highly effective event promotion packages. Check out our media kit and email or phone us to discuss your ideas.

Current Sponsors

  • Ademero -- Affordable document management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Bridgeline iApps Content Manager -- Web content management and a .NET apps framework.
  • CMS Watch -- The analyst firm covering and uncovering the details of the content management industry, including an in-depth SharePoint report.
  • Day CRX -- Enterprise content management based on open standards
  • Ektron -- Makers of one of the leading .NET web content management systems.
  • Ephox -- Rich web content editing which blends ease of use with enterprise features.
  • eTouch SamePage -- The enterprise-grade wiki solution that combines the best of wikis and blogs to effectively support and streamline collaborative team efforts.
  • Fatwire Content Server -- Building engaging web experiences.
  • Gilbane Group -- Conferences, reports, webinars, consulting and more. Gilbane keeps the industry informed.
  • JBoye Events -- High impact gatherings for web practitioners.  Coming to Denmark in November.
  • Open Text -- Realize the full power of SharePoint via Open Text integration.
  • Percussion -- leading the charge with XML-based web content management.
  • SDL Tridion -- Enterprise web content management for the multi-lingual and international organizations.
  • Sitecore -- Enterprise grade web content management with a strong eye towards .NET friendly tools and APIs.
  • Telerik Sitefinity -- A light-weight, modular and accessible ASP.NET web content management system that pleases both the developers and the marketers.
  • Vignette -- A grandfather of web content management, soon to be called Open Text.
  • …and of course dear old uncle Google

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