Analysts estimate that over 80,000 podcasts and 60 million blogs proliferate the Internet. As these figures grow and collaborative media-supporting business applications expand, we figured it was only a matter of time before a publisher recognized the growing need for a unifying industry voice. Enter Blogger and Podcaster Magazine, just that voice for what parent company Larstan labels the "new media titans."Slated to deliver industry features, news, tips and profiles written for and by online media users, Blogger and Podcaster Magazine promises to leverage piping new media figures and provide them with new business opportunities. The Web 2.0 elite rag will appear in digital, print and podcast forms. Blogger & Podcaster will not be joining the volatile publishing foray with green ears. It has already been labeled the official publication of the International Blogging and New Media Association (IBNMA), a new group that will be orchestrating the annual BlogWorld conference taking place in Las Vegas, NV this November. One can only wonder how the IBNMA will maintain contemporaneousness through the years with a Web 2.0 label like "New Media" posed dead-center of its acronym, but perhaps 2.0 terminology is as fluid as its subjects. “Bloggers and podcasters are a force to be reckoned with," emphasizes CEO Larry Genkin of parent company Larstan Publishing. "They are responsible for some of the best investigative journalism and commentary in the media today." In the spirit of its industry, the magazine will operate on a collaborative basis, drawing articles, columns and other media created by "frontline" members of the digital media world. Voice and print tone will be attentively tended and edited by two seasoned journalists. Dedicated monthly columnists include: * Paul Colligan, co-author of The Business Podcasting Bible * Rob Walch, co-author of Tricks of the Podcasting Masters * Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations * Tee Morris, author of Podcasting for Dummies "There are two things holding back the industry: helping practitioners to earn a full-time living from their craft and providing vendors a cost effective vehicle to communicate with and generate significant sales from bloggers and podcasters. We aim to help the industry on both fronts,” says Genkin. The circulation of 20,000 and editorial material targets professional bloggers and podcasters. Nonetheless, the magazine will certainly attract novelty attention from outside the industry. Genkin projects the readership will hit 250,000 in the next year. A print subscription costs US$ 79 per year and US$ 99 abroad. The digital edition comes at no cost to subscribers. Maintaining the look and feel of Blogger & Podcaster's paper version, it also incorporates embedded video and audio. The podcast edition is also free. All content is available on a complimentary basis at Parent company Larstan Publishing is a multimedia firm that serves the technology, finance and personal development industries. Based in Potomac, Maryland, its prolific Larstan Business Reports division is a global opinion-maker in Thought Leadership Marketing. Learn more at the Larstan website.