The State of the Mobile Enterprise [Infographic]

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The mobile enterprise is picking up. Companies are spending more on mobile device management, implementing BYOD policies and working to help employees do more, from anywhere and any device.

Managing the Mobile Enterprise

At the end of last year, companies were rethinking BYOD, grappling with security issues, and still debating the merits of native apps. Even by the beginning of 2013, companies were re-evaluating work from home policies and struggling to get data costs under control. But now, it looks like enterprise mobility is front and center. 

We'll be taking a closer look at the elements influencing the mobile enterprise over the next few months. From MDM to BYOD to business apps and collaboration tools, there are many factors to consider in helping to make your company's workforce more efficient, productive and well, mobile. 

To begin, we thought we'd take a snapshot of the state of the mobile enterprise in this original infographic. As you can see, as much as organizations want to invest in devices, in the shadows looms the threat of data loss and increased costs. Is it worth the security risks to give employees the tools they need to be productive? 

mobile enterprise.png

Learning Opportunities

More Mobile, More Apps

In the last few months, the enterprise has become more focused on the business app. Recent surveys have shown that the new norm for enterprise mobile app development is multiple app projects per year. As the proliferation of mobile devices increases, the versatility of apps across operating systems and platform has become more common, but it's still challenging to develop and manage.

What can the enterprise do to ensure that it's keeping up with trends and shifts in the marketplace? What does the future of workforce mobility even mean for organizations and how they position themselves accordingly? We'll be taking a look at the different issues and then put it all back together again.