More news from mobile web land... MoFuse, a company that "mobilizes" websites, particularly for the publishing industry, is launching a premium service for the enterprise market.

A completely separate product to its existing service, the premium service will create high quality mobile sites for business users with added features.

Two Solutions, One Product

The original service, which takes the pain and cost out of formatting sites by hand, will be maintained, but will become MoFuse for Blogs. It will still be used for creation of customized iPhone versions of sites, as well as basic sites for mobile browsers.

MoFuse Premium for Business is a completely separate platform from the site’s original service. According to MoFuse, the decision to split their product into two solutions was because enterprise mobile users who wished to go down the mobile website road had to engage the help of custom mobile site builders.

While that in itself is expensive, it also required considerable maintenance and hosting fees.

This new business solution will take the time, expense and complexity out of building a mobile site, and at only a fraction of the cost.

Premium Service, Premium Features

Premium services need premium features, and MoFuse is delivering them with:

  • The ability to nest topics in the site with drag and drop technology
  • Search functionality
  • Google Maps integration
  • Color customization
  • Custom URL for your mobile site
  • Creation of up to 5 mobile sites under one account

The drawback is that unlike other services like, where you pay a percentage of advertising revenues, you are charged a flat fee regardless of how much traffic comes to your site.

Admittedly, the charges are staggered, i.e. the more traffic you think you’ll get the more you’ll pay.

As it stands MoFuse rates are as follows:

  • Basic plan, which offers 50,000 page views on one site, is US$ 39.00 per month
  • Small Business, which gives you 125,000 page views per site with three sites per account, is US$ 89.00 per month
  • Ultimate, which gives you one million page views per site with 10 sites per account for US$ 199.00 per month

It also enables user to monetize their mobile websites with an ad revenue deal with Google AdSense and AdMob.

Competitive Pricing

There are other players on this block that initially look like they might be cheaper. However, a little bit of scratching goes a long way.

With Zinadoo, which also provides a "free" mobile website builder, there are charges when you go to their upgrade version.

You have to pay for the domain name. If you wish Zinadoo ads to go away, you have to pay a fee every six months and for texts (€266 per 4000, or less money for fewer texts).

Wirenode, another provider of "free" mobile website builders has not included its prices on its website, but in a market that is getting increasingly competitive, it is unlikely that there will be much difference.

Its early days yet in the build-your-own mobile world and new technologies are coming online at an awesome pace. Watch this space for updates on who is doing what, how they’re doing it, and -- most importantly -- how much it really costs.