Apple 3G iPhone USB Power Adapter Faulty Exchange Information
Apple, a company that has had a decent track record in the past few years, has disappointed and, potentially, endangered its users by distributing faulty 3G iPhone USB Power Adapters that have serious risks with continued use. Users of the 3G iPhone's power adapter have reported that the unit's metal prongs can break off while in a power outlet, resulting in electrical shock. If you're one of the "lucky" owners of this adapter, stop using it immediately and read on to learn how to get a replacement.So, what exactly is the deal with all these companies providing users with malfunctioning power adapters as of late? Dell, Sony, Nintendo and now Apple have been guilty and had to recall power adapter units, along with other products like batteries. Considering that the power unit is an integral device that provides electricity that could -- potentially -- ignite fires and cause serious injury or death if mishandled, one would imagine that such an important part of an electrical device would be checked and re-checked for integrity and safety reasons.

Got an iPhone USB Power Adapter?

Anyone who has purchased a 3G iPhone with a USB power adapter or purchased an adapter separately as an accessory in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Mexico or in these Latin American countries can either order a replacement over the web or exchange it at an Apple retail store starting October 10. The adapter will need to be exchanged in either scenario, but taking the power adapter to an Apple store will be the fastest way to get a replacement.
iPhone Power USB Adapter Faulty

This is a bad apple

USB power adapters with a green dot placed on them are not affected, and they can be used normally.
iPhone Power USB Adapter Green Dot

This is a good apple

As long as users exchange their adapters starting October 10, things should be fine. The adapter itself is small and is not necessarily required to power the iPhone, as a USB connection works fine for powering the iPhone.

Apple's Boo-Boo With the iPhone

Electrical devices are being made cheap these days, which is both good and bad news. However, saving a few dollars is no excuse for poor device quality that could be so dangerous. Ironically, this is not the first device from Apple to be affected by such a problem -- Apple's MagSafe adapters were previously reported as being faulty, after users discovered melted and exposed wires near the power unit. Obviously, Apple did not learn from its previous mistake. Hopefully this is the only issue that Apple will have with the 3G iPhone. With the millions of customers that are affected by this, Apple surely realizes that they dodged a bullet, as the power adapters are relatively cheap to manufacture. In review, Apple can't be too pleased with having to announce this glaring fault with the iPhone only days before T-Mobile makes its announcement about the first publicly available Google Android-based phone. The HTC Dream and Android OS should be receiving just as much -- if not more -- hype as the iPhone has received, when it just came out. This is all because of the changes that can come from an open source and free operating system, which will hopefully result in benefits for consumers on all wireless networks in the future.